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Sobre Tibia, gold farmers y un caso de ayuda y éxito PT2. Son muy buenos consejos de cómo comenzar a programar profesionalmente

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I have gotten so many replies and messages since my last post in this thread, that I can't answer them all individually. Previous topic:

It has been shared on multiple subreddits so I have no idea where to even post this. But I'd like to come up with a follow-up thread with some more information. The internet is the most powerful tool that mankind has ever invented. You have the ability to reach thousands, millions and even billions of people with just a computer and some internet access.

If you're on this subreddit, chances are you're already playing Tibia and you already have a computer and internet access. It doesn't need to be the best internet, but as long as websites will load (eventually) you are good to go.

In this topic I will go more in-depth on web development and software engineering. If you have a very slow internet connection, you may want to look into web development instead of software development. An application/software is much heavier (larger file size) than a website. And most developer jobs require that you send and download files, back and forth, between you and your company's server. So if you feel like your internet is too slow to send a lot of files - do not worry! There are plenty of jobs.

First, I will go through some more details on how to learn web development and software development. After that, I will list a few other kinds of jobs that you can do remotely. These types of jobs can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Part 1: Some languages you should learn

What is web development? Well, it can be a lot of things. You perhaps make websites for shops/restaurants/hair dressers/dentists, or you work for a big company and work on their web application, like Outlook, Discord or Spotify (which can all be accessed via a browser: their web app). You can also work with design and user experience, instead of programming. Being a web developer can mean so many different things, it's impossible to name them all. But most web developers are just developers: they program. They make websites, and they either sell the websites to companies (as a consultant) or you work full/part-time for a company.

I can not provide in-depth information about every single thing, but I can give you some pointers. The very basics any web developer should know is this:

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) - it's what almost all websites use as a foundation. This is not a programming language, but it is a markup language. If you want to build websites, you pretty much have to know this language. Don't worry though, it is easy. Not so much to learn. You can learn all about it in a few weeks.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - it's what will add colors and shapes to your website. If you want to focus more on design (also known as front end development) then this is where you want to gain a lot of knowledge.

Python - A very simple language to learn. This language is very often the first programming language that developers start using. You can use it for a lot of things. This language is used in the back of a lot of websites. Google has been using Python for years and still is. It's great for web scraping and making web requests. If you want a language to practice your algorithms, then this language is awesome.

PHP - This used to be a very popular language, but not so much these days. However, it is very good to know how this works because it's very simple to learn and also very functional in some cases. If you want to transmit or withdraw information from a database to your website, then this (in combination with SQL) is a great way to do so. Whenever you make a login system or a contact form, the data must be sent somehow to a recipient or a database. PHP will help you do that. It is a server-side language, which means it will run in the back of the website.

SQL - To be able to communicate with databases (for example: save data, update data, or insert data) you can use different languages for that. But SQL is probably the most widely used language for this. It is basically just a bunch of commands that you tell your website or app to do. If you have a web shop for example, you will need a database to store all your product information in. You can for example use MySQL as your database and then use the SQL language to extract data from your database and publish it as a list of products on your website.

JavaScript - Perhaps the most powerful language at the moment. Anyone who is good at JavaScript will be able to learn most other modern programming languages. In recent years, the demand for good JavaScript developers has skyrocketed. It's because more applications are becoming web based, and JavaScript is probably among the most useful languages to use. You can use it for so many things. Previously JavaScript was only being run on the client side of the website (that means in the user's browser). But in recent years, there has been massive development of this language and you are now able to build servers, connect to databases and do very powerful web applications using just this language. A great tutorial for JavaScript was made by Tony Alicea: This video is "just" 3.5 hours, but it's the intro. There is a much longer version of it, and you can download it for free if you search for it. Just find it as a torrent and watch it. It's probably the best tutorial I have seen for JavaScript.

C# - It's pronounced as "C Sharp". This language has been dominating the software engineering market for decades at this point. Everyone loves it. It's relatively easy to learn and you can build a lot of stuff in C#. It's very much like JavaScript, but focuses more on application development rather than website development. I would however try to avoid learning this language if you have very slow internet, since you will most likely be sending a ton of files back and forth. But if application (computer & phone) is your thing, then this language is great. There are so many tutorials on this, but there is 1 channel on YouTube which teaches a lot of the basics in C# (and many other languages) and that channel is called ProgrammingKnowledge. Sure, his C# videos may be old now but most of it is still relevant and useful. You will learn a lot by watching his videos. It's always good to start from the beginning and then when you're familiar with that, you can learn more about the recent updates in C#.

Java - This is pretty much 90% identical to C# as I wrote above. Widely used, relatively easy to learn the basics and there's plenty of jobs. If you like making android apps, this language is for you.

Part 2: Technologies and useful tools

To become a web developer you will need a few tools. You need a text editor, a FTP client, a SSH client and some other things. Also a good browser.

Text editor: Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, Brackets - There are many different text editors but at the moment, I highly recommend Visual Studio Code. It has so many built-in features it's honestly the only thing you may need.Don't forget to install Notepad++ as well - this very basic editor is so handy when you just quickly need to edit some files.

File archiving: WinRar, 7-Zip - You need some way of archiving projects and send it to your customer or employer. These are basic tools anyone should use. I personally use Winrar.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol): FileZilla - This tool will allow you to connect to your website's file manager and upload your files to it. There are many tools for connecting to an FTP server but this is the most popular one, it's simple and it works great.

VPS (Virtual Private Server): Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud - If you want to practice building web applications or want to host your own website as a fun project, it's great to use a VPS for that. Both Amazon and Google offers 365 days of free VPS usage. All you need is a credit card. However, they will not charge you, as long as you stay below the free tier limit. A VPS is basically a remote computer that you can connect to. I highly recommend that, if you have a slow internet connection. Those VPS-servers (by Amazon and Google) usually have 500mbit/s internet speed, which is faster than most countries in the world. You simply connect to them via Remote Desktop, or by SSH. Depending on what type of server you are using (Windows or Linux).

SSH (Secure Shell): Solar-PuTTY, PuTTY - If you for example have a web server where you store applications and files, a great way to connect to it is by using SSH. PuTTY is pretty much the standard when it comes to SSH clients. But I really love the version created by SolarWinds. When you download that one, do not enter your personal details. Their sales people will call you and haunt you! Haha.

File Searching: Agent Ransack - When you have many files and try to locate a specific document or file, you may want to use something like Agent Ransack. Much faster than the traditional search feature in Windows and it is much more accurate.

IDE / Code Editor: Visual Studio - Great tool to use when you want to create applications in C# for example. Do not confuse this with Visual Studio Code. These are two very different tools. This tool (Visual Studio) is more designed for Windows applications. Not just websites. I only recommend getting it if you plan to make programs for Windows.

Web host & domain: NameCheap, Epik, SiteGround - If you develop websites on your own, or maybe want to create a portfolio website, you will need a domain name and web hosting. I have personally used all of these 3 and they are very cheap. NameCheap has some of the cheapest domains and great web hosting for a low price. Their support is also great. Same with SiteGround. And if you want to buy a domain anonymously (with Bitcoin for example), then you can use Epik. Low prices and great customer service on all these 3 websites.

Web Server: XAMPP, Nginx - If you plan to practice PHP, you will need to have a web server on your local computer. If you have Windows, I would highly recommend installing XAMPP (Apache). It is very easy to use for beginners. If you're on Linux, I would recommend Nginx. Also check our PhpMyAdmin if you want to quickly setup a MySQL database locally.Bonus tip: If you use Visual Studio Code to create websites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript: then install the extension "live server" and you can run your applications on a live server without setting it up yourself. Tutorial:

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge Insider, Google Chrome - You need one of the latest web browsers to create websites these days. Since I prefer privacy over functionality, I've always loved Firefox. But recently, Microsoft has been improving its new version of Edge a lot (based on Chromium) and it's also very popular. If you want all your personal details to be saved and have good tools for web development, then use Google Chrome. Don't forget to utilize the built-in developer tools. You can access it in any of these browsers by pressing F12.

Other things you may want to look into:

Web services, SSL certificates, Search Engine Optimization, Databases, API, Algorithms, Data Structures

Part 3: Learning platforms

If you want to learn in-depth about algorithms, data structures and more. Then you can take a look at the curriculum of the top-tier universities of USA. Such as: UC Berkeley, Harvard and MIT. These courses are very hard and are specifically for people who want to become experts in software engineering. You can enroll some of them for free, like the one on Harvard. And by having a such diploma (which costs $90 extra) can get you a lot of job opportunities. You can enroll those courses if you want, but it can have a fee. But just take a look at what they are studying and try do their exercises, that is 100% free. Get the knowledge. It's mostly on video too! These course below are the very same courses that many of the engineers at Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Uber, AirBnb, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc. has taken. It's what majority of people in Silicon Valley studied. And it's among the best classes that you can take. These course are held by some of the world's best professors in IT.

UC Berkeley: CS 61a & CS 61b:

Video playlist here:


Harvard University: CS50 (free enrollment --- 90$ to get a certificate).

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): 6.006

Held by Erik Demaine. One of the best - if not THE best - professor at MIT. Just look at this resume. It's almost 50 pages long!

Part 4: Finding jobs

Facebook groups for web developers, freelancing, remote work, etc.

Portfolio / Code Sharing / Source Control:

Part 5: Other types of jobs you can work with (remotely) - with/without coding experience

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Translations (Spanish/Portuguese, etc.)

Affiliate Marketing (look into - and use Facebook Ads to promote products)

Design (web design, photo design, etc.)

Copywriting (write sales letters for companies)

Database manager (monitor and administrate a company's database)

YouTube - make YouTube videos to gain views. Views = Money.

Dropshipping (use for example) and sell products in a webshop. Benefit with dropshipping is that you don't personally store the products.

Customer support

more...? Banking, economics, etc.

You can find information about all of the things I have mentioned by using YouTube or Google search.

Hope it helps.

And I hope that in 1 year, there will be at least some new web developers in Brazil, Venezuela and other countries in South America.
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Best Ways to Passively Earn Free Bitcoin & Crypto in 2020

Here are my best ways to earn free crypto passively in 2020 with the least amount of effort. Hopefully these 5 methods are helpful to you.

Earning Crypto for Things You Do Already
1) Brave Browser (BAT)
For me, one of the biggest no brainers out there for earning free cryptocurrency is the Brave Browser and their BAT token. This new browser looks and feels like the Chrome browser, but is better in so many ways…
AD BLOCKERS: Most websites and ads include software that track your every move as you browse the web. Brave Shields block these incoming ads and trackers to allow a more private, uninterrupted browsing experience.
SPEED: One perk of blocking those ads and trackers is that they can no longer slow down your page uploads. Brave Browser can load sites up to six times faster than Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
PRIVACY: Most browsers have a “private mode,” but this only hides your history from others using your browser. Brave’s Tor feature not only hides history, but it also masks your location from the sites you visit by routing your browsing through several servers before it reaches your destination. These connections are encrypted to increase anonymity.
REWARDS: So now on to the part that earns you free cryptocurrency. While the Brave browser blocks unwanted ads, it gives you the option to earn rewards (BAT Tokens) by opting into their privacy-respecting ads. Get paid to view small, non-intrusive ads as you browse the internet. This feature is completely optional as the browser gives you the option to allow anywhere from 5 ads per hour (max) down to no ads at all if you would prefer to forgo earning BAT tokens and want to just enjoy an ad free browsing experience.
If you are worried to move away from the Chrome browser because you rely on some of the Chrome extensions, not to worry. Brave browser should maintain support for all of your Chrome extensions.
Brave browser is a great way to passively earn cryptocurrency for doing something you already do. In addition, if you are willing to put in just a little more work, you can earn more BAT by signing up for their Brave Creators program. This will give you a referral link that you can pass along to friends and family to earn additional BAT tokens for each person that downloads the browser. Referral bonuses differ depending on what country the new user is from, for example new users from the United States are currently worth $7.50 of BAT each. If you would like to get started with the Brave Browser and earning BAT tokens, you can use the link below to download.
Brave Download Page

2) Presearch (PRE)
A natural addition to the Brave browser is Presearch. While you are getting paid to browse the internet with Brave, you might as well get paid for your internet searches as well. Presearch is a new internet search engine that pays you for each search in the form of their PRE token. And just like the Brave browser, one of the best perks, besides getting paid to do what you already do, is that you are not sacrificing quality to get it. In their own words, “WE ARE BUILDING A NEXT-GENERATION SEARCH ENGINE, POWERED BY THE COMMUNITY.”
Worried you won’t get as good of search results as Google? Nothing to worry about there as you can simply choose Google as your default provider within Presearch and you will be directed to Google’s results when you enter your search. In fact, you can direct your search to any number of sites (96 as of this writing) for any given search. They make this easy to switch back and forth as there is a list of your favorite sites directly under the search bar. Some examples of the more popular sites include Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, ESPN and Netflix.
If you are so inclined, in addition to getting paid for your internet searches, Presearch also allows you to use your purchased or earned PRE tokens to buy keyword ads. In their words, “Keyword Staking enables token holders to commit or ‘stake’ their PRE tokens against specific words and multi-word terms. With Presearch Keyword Staking you choose a keyword (ex. ‘Bitcoin’) and then stake PRE tokens that you’ve purchased or earned against that term. You can then create an ad that you link to the website of your choice.”
To begin earning PRE for all your internet searches, use the link below.
Presearch Sign Up

3) (CRO & MCO) is on a mission to be the leader in cryptocurrency adoption to the masses so they are being aggressive with their customer incentives. Another great way to earn crypto for doing what you already do is via their Debit Card cash-back. has great eye-catching, metal crypto reward credit cards that pay you cash back for all of your day to day purchases anywhere VISA is accepted. Depending on which level of card you get, these credit cards reward 1% to 5% cashback (paid in their MCO token) on all spending along with other great benefits like free ATM & international withdrawals, 100% cashback on Spotify & Netflix subscriptions and airport lounge access. You can find the full details for each card on their website, but below is a breakdown of the benefits on their three lowest entry level cards. Note that some of these benefits are reduced if you are not staking their MCO token.
MIDNIGHT BLUE (Plastic Card)
Cash Back Reward: 1%
Monthly Free ATM Withdrawal Limit: $200
Required MCO Stake: None (Free)

Cash Back Reward: 2%
100% cashback on a standard Spotify subscription (up to $12.99)
Monthly Free ATM Withdrawal Limit: $400
Required MCO Stake: 50

Cash Back Reward: 3%
100% cashback on a standard Spotify subscription (up to $12.99)
100% cashback on a standard Netflix subscription (up to $12.99)
Monthly Free ATM Withdrawal Limit: $800
Airport Lounge Access
Required MCO Stake: 500

PLEASE NOTE: Cards are currently available in the US, Singapore and Europe. And hopefully very soon will be available in Asia Pacific and Canada as well.
In order to get your hands on one of these cards you will need to open a account if you don’t already have one. There is good news if you don’t already have one, as new sign ups can get $50 worth of MCO tokens free by using the link and promo code I have posted below. Please note that the $50 of MCO tokens will remain locked until you deposit & stake at least 50 MCO tokens toward the sign up of the particular card you are interested in.
In case you are unfamiliar with the term “staked”, this simply means that those coins will be locked up for whatever length of time that card requires. It is important to note that you are not paying or losing those coins as you will be free to sell the staked MCO at the end of holding period and continue to earn crypto cash-back from your card. Or you can leave your MCO coins staked and continue to earn interest on them. For example, if you hold a Jade Green card which requires a 500 MCO stake, they are currently offering 6% interest on those coins which is paid out in more MCO.
In summary, cards are a great way to earn free crypto on your everyday purchases along with other great perks like free (100% cashback) Netflix and Spotify subscriptions. In addition, a small layer of comfort in signing up for one of these cards, is that is one of the largest, most trusted crypto exchanges out there right now. In fact, if you are also looking for an exchange to get started with purchasing crypto assets, your account would be great for that as well. To claim your debit rewards card you can use the link below. If you do not currently have a account and would like to get the $50 Sign Up Bonus use the link along with the promo code. Sign Up (Get $50 Bonus)
PROMO CODE: gapena3dq4
Earn Free Crypto Instantly for a Little Bit of Your Time

4) Coinbase Earn
In an effort to educate its users and to try and simplify the sometimes complex world of cryptocurrency, Coinbase has put together the Coinbase Earn program. They have partnered with some of the biggest blockchain projects out there to offer you free crypto for watching short educational videos about the coin you are getting rewarded in. These videos are normally about 2-3 minutes long and pay you $2 to $4 per video, with each project having about 4 or 5 total videos.
In order to collect your reward, you normally need to successfully answer a multiple choice question at the end of the video which is usually fairly simple. If you get the question wrong don’t worry, they will allow you to watch the video over again until you get the question correct. Once you have answered the question correctly you will immediately receive your tokens that you are free to sell or exchange for another token of your choice if you would like.
Coinbase is changing their active offerings for these videos all the time and usually have about 4 or 5 projects available at any given time. In addition, some of the projects will not be immediately available and will require you to join a waitlist. Then, once the offering is available to you, they will email you with a link to the videos. Below is the current list of available offerings as of this writing and I will do my best to keep these updated. However, once you have a Coinbase account you can log in and check for new projects on your own. Speaking of which, a Coinbase account is required before you can watch the videos so if you do not already have one you can use the link below to sign up. Using this link will also get you $10 of free Bitcoin as a sign up bonus (Note that to get the free $10 you must buy or sell $100 worth of crypto within 180 days of signing up).
Coinbase Sign Up ($10 Bonus)

Current Coinbase Earn Offerings:
1. EOS – 5 Videos / $2 each / $10 Total
Watch EOS Videos
2. Orchid (OXT)- 3 Videos / $4 each / $12 Total
Watch OXT Videos
3. Stellar Lumens (XLM) - 5 Videos / $2 each / $10
Watch XLM Videos
*** Each of these offerings also provides the opportunity to earn an additional $40 each for referring them to friends and family. ($10 per referral / Max of 4 each)

If you have some free time on your hands and are willing to put in a little effort, is another good option for earning free Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. On this site you will get paid free crypto for completing tasks like watching videos, playing games and taking surveys.
One nice thing about this site is that once you have completed your task you will be given your free crypto instantly and they offer a very wide selection of coins to pick from. I think right now they offer over 80 different cryptocurrencies for rewards and you get to choose which coin you want to get paid in. This makes for a great way to gain some exposure to lower market cap coins that are often not listed on the major exchanges. In addition, they are adding new coins all the time, so you can send them a request to add your favorite crypto if they don’t already offer it. Use the link below to open an account and start earning the cryptocurrency of your choice now. Sign Up
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ILPT REQUEST Getting money from fake PayPal to bank account

Hey all, right now I'm making quite some money on my fake PayPal account that I need in my real bank account. Up to a week ago I've sent the money to my real PayPal as Goods & Services before withdrawing the money to my bank account.

I'm looking for a more anonymous way/ a way that's less likely to get me caught. I thought about buying bitcoin somewhere with PayPal (need to find a trustworthy site/ seller) and then selling the bitcoin and transferring to money to my bank account. The con with this method would be that I would lose some percentage (10%?).

The other method I looked into was just creating a third fake PayPal, sending to money to this account and then sending to money to my real PayPal. With this method I wouldn't be losing any money since I can just use F&F.

Does anybody have any other methods that are good to use?
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Cyber Crime - Cashaa NEO Bank Reports 337 BTC Hack, Indian Cyber Crime Team Investigating the Matter

Recently reported by India’s crypto news publication, CoinCrunchIndia, a major crypto NEO Bank, Cashaa has lost 337 BTC. It says that the Crime Branch of Delhi, a state of India is currently investigating the matter.
Cashaa is essentially a UK based crypto-friendly NEO bank, offering financial services to the crypto industry. In its latest hiring application for the PR manager, Cashaa claimed that the firm is growing more than 200% month by month. However, the platform has significant traffic from India and offers crypto services to Indian crypto enthusiasts.
As per details shared by CoinCrunchIndia, the attack was found on Friday (July 10) afternoon at around 1:23 pm (IST). While most exchanges use ‘multi-sig wallet’ as the higher level of security for funds stored in exchanges, Cashaa appeared to be using a ‘' wallet to store and send BTC. The first copy of the complaint shared by report reads the message from Cashaa’s employee as follows;
AT 1:23 PM, I logged into my wallet and made two transfers at 1:23 PM and 1:26 PM, at the same time multiple more transferrers happened to 'Receiver's address', emptying my wallet. It seems that the hacker got the notification as soon as I logged into my wallet, and stole the funds from him. today more than 336 Bitcoin is sent to the hacker address, affecting more people.
These BTCs were transferred to this BTC wallet address “14RYUUaMW1shoxCav4znEh64xnTtL3a2Ek” as per the records on ‘Blockchain explorer” and reports shared by CoinCrunchIndia.
Cashaa didn’t officially comment on the hack, however, it says that the company is ‘still investigating the damage caused by the incident’. It is believed that Cashaa ‘might suspend all deposits and withdrawals for 24 hours”.
In addition, Indian crypto exchanges and trading platforms are ready to work with Cashaa in resolving the issue. As such, Bitbns exchange ensured that they have marked the address, CoinDCX and WazirX also added that they will work closely with the Cashaa team ‘to support in whatever way they can’.
On the other side, an anonymous user on Twitter ‘United Crypto Exchange’ speculates that the hacker is trying to use 7BTC each, using blockchain and bitpie wallet, and then selling in mostly to Huobi. That being said, Kumar Gaurav, CEO at Cashaa blames at exchanges that hackers usually transfer stolen funds. Without specifically pointing at the matter and naming the exchange, Kumar Gaurav added;
“Everyone working in the crypto industry has to work very hard to bring the same level of security which currently an average person has when dealing with a bank account. As of today, hackers are very confident to hack crypto addresses and move it through exchanges that are facilitating such laundering through their systems. Exchanges like these must be shut down and owners of these exchanges should be charged with money laundering facilitation crime.”
Given the popularity of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, scams and hacks are on top bulletins quite often. In fact, we recently reported that India’s Kerala state-reported major scam in which the local police arrested the group of goons that kidnapped the mastermind behind a ‘bitcoin-related fraud scheme’.
Conclusively, Cashaa in our recent research report about demographics of Indian crypto users unveiled that they have a massive young audience between the age of '18-35.
Since Cashaa is yet to reveal the details about the incident, stay tuned with Bit2Buzz for the development of this 337 BTC hack.
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Weekly Crypto News — July, 03

What important crypto events happened last week?
Regulation, Government, Mass Adoption
📌 The U.S. court classified Coinbase as a traditional bank after the exchange revealed its customer information at the request of the FBI. This decision was made when considering the appeal of Richard Gratkowski, sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison. Earlier, the FBI found out that between June 2016 and May 2017, Richard Gratkovsky used Bitcoins to purchase prohibited pornographic materials involving minors. Having detected the wallets used by him, the agency turned to Coinbase with a request to disclose information about this client. The exchange complied with this requirement without a court order.
📌 Binance Exchange has confirmed the launch of a cryptocurrency debit card in partnership with Swipe. Information about this appeared on the official website of the company but later disappeared. One of the features of the card will be the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money in real-time. Users will be able to transfer money to the card directly from the Binance trading account. Payments will be instant, funds can be spent immediately after crediting. In addition, cardholders will be able to withdraw cash from ATMs.
📌 The District of Columbia Bar has allowed lawyers in Washington D.C. to accept payments in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Representatives of the organization noted that cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity as a means of payment and lawyers cannot stand aside from these changes. Acceptance of payment in crypto is permissible if the lawyer is able to ensure the safe storage of assets. To do this, he must have basic knowledge in the field of blockchain.
Projects, Collaborations, Startups
📌 BlockFi, a company operating in the cryptocurrency lending market, reported a doubling of monthly revenue in the second quarter. The driver was halving and launching a mobile application. “By now, monthly income has quadrupled since the end of last year and doubled if we start from the end of March,” said Zac Prince, co-founder, and CEO of the startup.
📌 CoinGecko, an analytical service, has announced a partnership with cybersecurity company Hacken. As part of the collaboration, CoinGecko integrated into the so-called Trust Score cryptocurrency exchange security assessment metrics based on the platform data from Hacken. Among others, Hacken considers platform infrastructure security, including server security, two-factor user authentication, spam and phishing protection, and other criteria.
📌 According to Messari, the market capitalization of dollar-tied stablecoin Tether (USDT) reached $10.3 billion. The growth since the beginning of the year, when the figure was $4.76 billion, exceeded 116%. Other stablecoins are significantly inferior to USDT in terms of market supply.
📌 Binance cryptocurrency exchange has completed a major update of the trading engine, increasing the processing speed of operations by 10 times, company CEO Changpeng Zhao said. According to him, the update was the largest in the history of Binance. It took two years to develop it. Zhao noted that in doing so, the exchange is preparing the “next wave” of cryptocurrency market growth.
📌 According to Messari, Bitcoin and Ethereum account for more than 99% of the commissions received by all miners. Over the past 24 hours, the total amount of commissions in the Bitcoin network has amounted to $407,571. Ethereum has a significantly higher rate — $814,082.
📌 On June 30, at block # 637 056 in the Bitcoin network, the planned recalculation of mining complexity took place. The indicator has undergone the most insignificant change since March 22, 2010, having decreased by 0.0033% from 15.7847 T to 15.7842 T. Thus, the complexity of mining Bitcoin almost did not change for the first time in 10 years.
📌 A transaction of 101 857 BTC (~$ 933 million at the time of sending) was recorded in the Bitcoin network between anonymous addresses. Transaction passed between anonymous addresses. The commission was only 48 cents. An anonymous whale used the SegWit protocol, which reduced costs by 41%.
📌 One of the Bitcoin users included the message “Hello, Noah! Welcome to the world, little one” in one of the transactions, thus recording the birth of their first child. The unchanging and censorship-resistant nature of Bitcoin will ensure that this message remains forever on the blockchain while it continues to function. The current case demonstrates a widely discussed scenario for using the first cryptocurrency as a decentralized database.
Hacking, Cyber Crimes
📌 Russian Sergei Medvedev admitted involvement in the cybercriminal organization Infraud, which traded stolen personal data, compromised credit cards, malware, and other illegal things. “Over the course of its seven-year history, Infraud caused an estimated loss of about $2.2 billion and more than $568 million in actual losses to a wide range of financial institutions, sellers and individuals,” the US Department of Justice declared.
📌 The criminals received a $1.14 million ransom after a successful attack on the University of California. The software installed by hackers encrypted the data on the university’s servers at the School of Medicine, making the information temporarily unavailable. To fix the problem, the institution had to pay 116.4 BTC.
📌 An unknown hacker managed to withdraw $500,000 in altcoins WETH, WBTC, SNX, and LINK from the pool of the Balancer Labs DeFi project using a smart contract vulnerability that allowed an attacker to create a shortage of funds in the pools.

That’s all for now! For more details follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, join our Telegram.
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Need Help Regarding Nice Hash and Making Payments Via Bitcoin

I recently started Mining on my gaming rig and saved up some bitcoin. A website called bitrefill is selling giftcards for bitcoin so I thought about buying a giftcard for Amazon to make my purchase. I have been using Nice Hash in order to mine and store my Bitcoin. I am confused on how to make a purchase because there is no "send" option only withdrawal. So my question is when I visit the checkout page and it tells me to send a certain amount of BTC to an Address do I use the "withdrawal feature". I really don't want to link a coinbase because I don't like to give companies any of my social security number. If I can do this through Nice Hash that would be great and if not can you guys tell me how to transfer to an anonymous wallet and make payment from there. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've only been Mining for a short while and this is my first purchase. The order page is the above image.
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Top-5 Ways To Buy Bitcoin Instantly

The choice of the optimal ways to buy Bitcoin depends on three factors: how much information you want to disclose, what is the amount of the transaction and what level of security you require. However, it is almost impossible to comply with all 3 factors. So, what is the best way to buy Bitcoin?

1. Stock exchange

The best way to buy crypto is to use an exchange (Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Global), where one can sell and buy digital currency from other investors. The price is set manually. In this case, the commission charged by the intermediary will not exceed 1%. The exchange provides anonymity since you don’t need to provide your ID in most exchanges. There are several options for transactions:
If you want to know how to begin investing in Bitcoin, start studying stock exchanges.



2. Exchanger

A crypto exchanger (Localbitcoins, Lykke, F-change) allows exchanging fiat or other tokens for BTC according to a fixed rate. It is probably the easiest way to buy crypto. The service adds a commission higher than that on the stock exchange.



3. ATMs for BTC

ATMs for Bitcoins only enter the market. It is enough to have the necessary amount of cash to be able to exchange it for the equivalent in BTC. Such a transaction is instant and does not require registration or other formalities. There are now over 8500 BTC ATMs around the world.

4. For cash with individuals

A hand-to-hand sale is the most private and most insecure way to buy cryptocurrency. It is lucky if you know reliable miners or crypto businessmen. Rent, salary, taxes – all this requires ordinary money, so they constantly have a need to sell mined or earned cryptocurrency. Pros – maximum anonymity of transactions. Cons – risks from dishonest partners.

5. Telegram bots

Telegram bot is an automatic script based on the search for offers and counteroffers. If someone wants to sell BTC, they send a request to the bot and it looks for a counter offer. As soon as someone sends a request for the purchase of Bitcoin, the bot will complete a transaction between these two users.




While talking about the ways to buy Bitcoin, it is important to mention that this article doesn’t provide any advice and directions regarding the investments in particular cryptocurrencies and pursues only informative purposes.
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Bitcoin Donate

Hello Everyone,

I live in a poor country that is currently suffering from an economical crisis whereby all our funds have been gone to waste due inflation and deterioration of our domestic currency. Capital control has been imposed on all citizens which means no one can withdraw funds from bank. Unemployment rate is nearly 3/4 of the population. At this continued rate, I will have nothing left but suffering. This country is Lebanon
All this said, our middle class has broke down and left the majority with nothing left but a poor class society.
Regarding all this, I am asking for your help and support throughout a humane donation process. Blockchain Technology gives you the ability to donate funds while not revealing the identity of receiver nor the sender.
Therefore, Donation through Bitcoin could be an anonymous way to help overcome this hell of a situation we are living in.
My BTC Address is: 34xJzn1v7Z73W2bXMeRfMtLZZ5TfkH8PWt
Kindly send any amount that you are able to give as generosity to the mentioned public address.
Thank you in advance. Hopefully, with you help I will overcome this difficult situation and help as much as I can.

Bitcoin Seeker "Anonymous"
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How to make money with Brave Browser and Brave Ads?

How to make money with Brave Browser and Brave Ads?
Looking for ever more ways to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency- without investing a penny upfront or adding hours to your day?
Then you may consider ditching Chrome for Brave Browser.
Brave is a faster, safer and more secure browser than any other web browsers out there.
As we continue our series on Brave Browser, I’ll show you how to earn money with Brave browser in 4 EASY ways.
  • Get free airdrop of $5 worth of BAT by just using it.
  • Earn up to $7.50 of BAT by inviting users to download and try out the platform.
  • Earn BAT by watching ads and surfing the web.
  • Earn BAT tips for content you publish to the web.
What is the Brave Web Browser?
Brave is a free, decentralized and open source web browser which is built on the Ethereum blockchain.
Founded by Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, Brave is a search engines that aims to revolutionize the browsing and advertising experience as well as the way web works today.
This search engine looks and works like Chrome but the similarities stop there.
Brave is much more than a browser. Designed with a built-in ad and tracker blocker, it will automatically blocks ads, website tracking, malware, phishing, plugins and all unwanted content. Providing a safer, faster and ad-free browsing experience to all internet users.
And most importantly, Brave has a reward system that incentivizes readers and content creators with its Basic Attention Token (BAT).
What Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum based token created alongside the platform to reward its users and content creators.
It pays users for their attention, publishers and creators for their content while providing advertisers with bigger returns for their ads.
Benefits of using Brave Browser:
  1. Browse faster: Without all the ads, pop-ups and videos, it helps to speed up the page loading times, giving you up to 8x faster web browsing experience.
  2. Block ads and trackers: By default, Brave browser is ad-free. You can browse seamlessly without seeing any ad on your screen.
  3. Control your privacy: Brave never collect, store or has any access to your browsing and personal information.
  4. More secure: Brave will automatically upgrade any sites with HTTP to secure HTTPS.
  5. Save money: Yes, Brave browser can really help you save money. With faster performance, you can reduce your mobile data usage. You don’t have to pay for redundant ads and trackers.
  6. Earn money: See opt-in ads in exchange for rewards, get paid for your content, $7.50 worth BAT for each referral and more.
  7. It’s completely free for everyone to use.
4 Ways to Earn Brave Rewards
Brave Browser offers several ways to make money for both everyday users and content creators.
Earn BAT by Watching Ads
As internet users, you can download Brave browser, turn on “Brave ads” and start earning free BAT for watching ads and surfing the web.
Although you can’t get rich by watching ads, it’s better than nothing when you use Chrome or other web browsers. Plus, Brave shares 70% of their ad revenues with you.
How to Join and Earn From Brave Ads
  1. Download and install Brave browser on your computer.
  2. Open Brave Browser and click on “BAT triangle logo” 📷 at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Turn on “Brave Rewards” and “Ads”.
  4. Click on “Ads Settings” and choose the maximum number of ads you want to see per hour (1 to 5 per hour).
  5. That’s it. You’ll receive push notification ads that’s not disruptive and relevant according to your ads settings.

How much can you earn with Brave Ads?

Brave Ads is not mandatory. You don’t have to do anything if you’d like to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. However, if you’d like to earn money, you can opt into Brave Rewards, view ads and earn a portion of ads revenue in BAT in return.
Depends on your countries and ad frequency, you can expect to earn about $5 worth of BAT per month.
NOTE: Currently, Brave ads is only available to countries including 05 groups
Earn BAT AirdropsIf, like me, your country is not on the list of Brave Ads, you can still earn BAT by using Brave to navigate websites. Here’s a screenshot of my BAT reward that I earned today.
For new user, you can earn $5 BAT by simply installing and using it for 30days. Not only that, you’ll have the chance to earn random token grants worth 25-40 BAT every month.
All you need to do is make sure that your “Brave Rewards” toggle is turned on, and you’ll receive free BAT tokens in your wallet once every 30 days on a first-come-first-served basis.
How to Get Free BAT on desktop:
  1. Download and install Brave browser on your computer.
  2. Start Brave Browser and enable “Brave Rewards”.
  3. If there are token grants available, you will receive a notification.
  4. To claim your free BAT, click on “BAT triangle logo” > “Rewards Settings”. Click “Claim” and complete a simple captcha puzzle.
Earn Brave Rewards as a Content Creator
If you’re a podcaster, band, blogger, YouTuber, you can join Brave Rewards program for Creators and start monetizing your content.
If you’re a gamer, you can also make money by adding your Twitch channel.
With Brave Rewards, users can send BAT tips directly to any sites and content providers. With just a click on their web browser, your followers, subscribers, readers can automatically make a one-time donation or set up a monthly schedule to anonymously support your website or channel.
This way, you can focus on doing what you do best while getting paid directly for your content. As a content creator, you no longer have to rely on ad revenue.
To start earning BAT rewards, you’ll need to add your site or channel to Brave Rewards.

How To Add Channel to Brave Creator:

  1. Download and install Brave browser on your computer.
  2. Sign up a free account on Brave Creator.
  3. Once you register as a Brave Creator, you can now add your website, YouTube channel, Vimeo, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, Twitch by clicking “+Add a Channel”.
  4. Once your site is verified, you can start receiving BAT donations from Brave users.
Refer and Earn up to $7.50 worth of BAT
When you sign up for Brave Creator, you will also be given a special referral link.
Simply invite your friends and visitors to download and use Brave browser, and you’ll earn up to $5 worth of BAT for each referral.
Brave’s referral rewards vary based on country and region:
  • Earn $7.50 of BAT: United States
  • Earn $6.50 of BAT: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom
  • Earn $5.00 of BAT: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan
  • Earn $1-2 of BAT: Other countries
You can promote it on your blog, social media, podcast, YouTuber videos and any other ways that you see fit.
How to Get Your Brave Referral Link:
  • To get your own unique referral link, you’ll need to download Brave and become a creator here.
  • As a verified content creator, you can get your referral link inside your Creator dashboard.
  • Simply copy the unique link and share it with your followers.
  • You’ll receive BAT rewards directly on your Uphold wallet. You can choose to withdraw BAT or convert it to Bitcoin.
How to Withdraw BAT TokenYou can use Brave browser built-in wallet to manage your earnings.
However, if you like to withdraw your BAT, you’ll need to sign up for Uphold. From Uphold, you can then exchange BAT for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or convert BAT to your local FIAT (USD, EUR etc) to be deposited into your bank account.
  1. Download Brave Browser on your desktop or mobile phone.
  2. Create an account on Uphold.
  3. Verify your identity by providing your photo ID.
  4. If you want to cash out your BAT to fiat, simply add your bank account details.
  5. To withdraw BAT from your Brave wallet, go to “Rewards Settings”.This is how it shoud look like:
  6. Click “Withdraw Funds”, and you’ll be directed to your Uphold account. Here, you can use Uphold to transfer, withdraw, or exchange BAT into any other cryptocurrency that you like.
By now you should know how to earn money with Brave Browser. Don’t leave the money on table, download Brave Browser right here and try it out!
  • You can earn by enabling Brave ads, surfing websites and get free BAT tokens.
  • If you’re a creator content, you can get paid for writing an article or record and publish a video.
If that’s not enough for your to replace your Google Chrome or any other web browser to Brave Browser.
What do you think of this crypto-funded web browser?
Will you use Brave browser? Why and why not? Tell me in the comment!
Good Luck!
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Sell Bitcoin in Dubai with cash

Your Crypto Cashpoint in Dubai

How to sell Bitcoin in Dubai?

1. Make an appointment with Coinsfera staff. This ensures we can give you the attention you deserve. 2. Visit our Bitcoinshop in Dubai. 3. Send BTC to Coinsfera’s Bitcoin address and get your cash after 1 blockchain confirmation.
This question is the second one of the most frequently searched in Google. After buying Bitcoin, you can say that the user has done 50% of the work. Besides, there are questions about how to sell, when, and most importantly where?

How to Sell Bitcoin?

There are several ways to online and offline sell your Bitcoin for fiat currency (for example, dollars, euros, etc.). Here are some of them (Online):
Therefore, there is a better and more convenient way, and this is offline trading:
Transactions only take 10-15 minutes. Moreover, our friendly staff will provide you with full assistance in this case, if you have any difficulties or questions.
The prices are regularly updated, so you get the best rates according to the market.

Where to sell Bitcoin in Dubai for cash?

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency, and you can sell it on almost every crypto exchange. Some traders and investors will be looking for a reliable exchange to buy Bitcoin. But there is another convenient way — Coinsfera. All you need to do is either contact us via phone, WhatsApp or Telegram or arrange a meeting with us or you can come to our office.

When do I need to sell Bitcoin?

You have completed your task! One of the main principles of trading is as follows: “In order to make a profitable investment, you need to sell it for more than you bought it.”
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I ruin people's lives for fun, this is my story.

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Alex. I am 20 years old and clinically diagnosed with ASPD or Antisocial personality disorder. My diagnosis was given to me back in high school in my Junior year. It was pretty hard making friends or at least keeping them. You see when I try to make friends I usually only go into a relationship because of one thing; to get something in return. You could call it manipulating or deceiving people but, I don’t see it that way. I’ve had many therapists and physiatrists try to help me or figure out what’s wrong with me in the past but, I would just feed them the information they want to hear. Its pretty simple, give them all the shit they need to write down on their little piece of paper and it is music to their ears. Besides that, let us get to the story. Now you see the two key people back in high school were “Mike” and “Connor” and they were it. They had the girls, the popularity, the friends. They both were the biggest athletes in the entire school. This is important because I wanted that, but I couldn’t have it. Call it jealousy or whatever but, who wouldn’t want people to look up at you and have their names written in the daily paper.
High school was a bitch for me. I never had many friends or any real ones at least. I was known as the weird kid but, whatever right. Everyone says high school is tough for everyone. I believe it. Life gets back at people who deserve it though. Now Mike was the quarterback of the football team and he knew everyone and everyone knew him. I one day sent him a message on Snapchat and said: “Hey Mike, I know you don’t know me but, I think you’re a cool guy.” He then replied with “Who are you? Whatcha want dickhead?” I told him “Nothing much man, just thought we could be friends or something, we’re in the same Spanish class.” He said, “Oh, cool your that kid that sits in the back right?” I said, “Yeah, what you doing?” He then said, “Nothing much man, listen I got a party next weekend with a free crib if you tryna come.” I then told him I’d let him know. This was perfect because I knew exactly what I would do. I planned on seeing Connor there with his girlfriend Liz. That was important because I hated seeing the way Connor would treat her. He just used her for sex and shit and never really respected her. I knew how I would fix that though, and it would be at that party.
Well, I got to the party and there were at least 50 kids there. I saw a couple of familiar faces but couldn’t care at all. I was there for one thing and one thing only. To ruin their relationship. Call me a dick but, he was way worse than me. I once saw Liz come into school with a bruise on her face and knew it was from him. I finally saw them out back near the pool. I had a plan. I would text Connor’s phone from a different number making it look like it was some other chick texting him and Liz would be right there to see it. I went outside and he was drinking, probably already drunk. I could see them from across the pool and haven’t seen Mike yet. I was about to text him and then Mike came up and tapped me on my shoulder with two drinks in his hand. He said “Yooo, Alex you came!” I laughed awkwardly and said, “Yeah man, wouldn’t miss it.” He said, “You want a drink?” Gesturing the second cup to me. I took it and said “Thanks, man.” He said, “I’ll see you around, there’s more beer in the kitchen.” He walked away and now I pulled my phone out. I went on to the app which I would text him from and texted: “Hey Connor, I had a really good night last night with a winkie emoji.” I then sent it waiting for Liz to look over his shoulder. She did and read the message. They started to argue and Liz poured his beer all over his face. My plan was working just right. I then saw Liz walk inside in a rush. I pretended to bump into her and said: “Oh my fault didn’t see you there.” She laughed and said, “Oh my god, it’s you, Alex.” I then laughed as well and said, “You good?” She replied with, “No actually, I just found out Connor was cheating on me with some slut.” I said “Oh, that blows … you want a ride home?” She said, “No I’m good, I’ll just have Grace drive me home.” I preceded with, “You sure, I live super close to here anyways, I was just about to go home too.” She said, “Ok, sure that’s fine.” I then got in my car and we started to talk. I said, “So, how’d you find out?” She said, “Some bitch texted him saying that they slept together last night.” I then said, “Damn, what’s your address by the way?” She then said something that surprised me. “I can’t go home like this, my moms gonna know I’m drunk and I’ll never be able to go out again.” I said, “Well, what you wanna do then?” She said, “Um, I don’t know .. we should go to a park.” I said, “Oh ok, what park?” She gave me the name and we went there. I parked my car in the parking lot and said: “Whatcha tryna do now?” She then said, “Shut up stupid.” Hushing my lips for me. We made out that night and I dropped her back off and went home as well.
That week in school I got a snap from Connor. It was during lunch and I clicked on it. I saw the five words that couldn’t make me happier: “I know what you did.” I replied with, “What? What did I do now?” He said, “you hooked up with Liz.” I left him on open and went about my day. I then saw him in the parking lot after school near my car. He came up to me and screamed in my face: “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST STEAL MY GIRL WITHOUT ME DOING ANYTHING?” I laughed right in his face and said, “Well, she isn’t with you anymore now, is she?” He then yelled: “Well, you think you’re just going to go about your day or something?” I said laughing, “Yeah, I was planning on going to Liz’s house after school.” He then jumped on top of me pinning me to the ground, socking me right in the jaw multiple times. I tried throwing some back but, he had my hands pinned to my side. He got up and said, “Fuck with her again and you won’t be getting up.” I got up with my nose bleeding and got into my car and we