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What ICO is coming AUG 28 that will replace BTC ?

Agora is advertising this. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT IS?? Louis Basenese
• An entirely new digital currency will hit the net on August 28 • It will rapidly replace ALL current “crypto-currencies”… and then ring the funeral bell for the mighty U.S. dollar • Profits on this new currency are completely uncapped (unlike Bitcoin)... and based on past modeling, I predict they’ll be 1,000 times higher than we’ve ever seen before
Why is the digital currency in this ICO more secure than Bitcoin . And much more secure than traditional currencies like the U.S. dollar?
Remember, this is a brand new type of digital coin. And the strongest mathematical models in the world imply that it could be impossible for its unique security algorithm to be broken.
The "blockchain" technology that underpins this ICO resides on a network ofmillions of high-powered computers around the globe. And each of those computers has a different fragment of the security code.
Put them all together, and the amount of computer muscle devoted to securing this system equates to more electric power than the entire states of Nebraska, Delaware, and New Hampshire use. (More than 19 terawatt-hours in total.)
That "decentralized" security system also explains why this currency is more secure than the dollar:
It's not under the control of any government. That means politicians can't manipulate its value to rebalance import/export deficits. Like President Trump has accused China of doing. It also means that no central bank can print more coins. We've all seen how quantitative easing has trashed the dollar, the euro, the yen, and others. That can't happen with this digital currency. Its value won't change instantly just because Janet Yellen clears her throat. It's not under the control of any commercial bank either. That means no conflicts of interest. Coins are exchanged directly between ordinary people, making transactions instantaneous and private - and eliminating fees. 
That's why it makes so much sense to invest in this ICO. It's not just about the gains to be had here -- a ceiling that goes all the way up to $241 trillion. It's also about not having your assets stuck in a failing currency like the dollar.
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