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Venezuelan voice actor needing a microphone

I'm a Venezuelan guy who wants to be a voice actor. I have the talent, the voice and the knowledge (I went to an academy of voice acting). And instead of asking money for food (like many other venezuelans prefer to do) all I'm asking is 100$ to buy a new microphone and start working, this way I would be able to help my familly economically and maybe one day I could leave this country with my hard work. As you know, I'd have to work for over 100 months to literally make 100$, that's why I came to reddit and ask for the money. Trust me, I was raised with values and it trully hurts to have to ask for money on the internet. And thank you for the help if you choose to donate.
Paypal: [email protected] Uphold Bitcoin Wallet: 1PkRfaEkfgtxF7zHd3tyGXVd9CyjkCjs1B
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04-26 13:34 - 'BAT didn't give me any single BAT reward in my verified uphold wallet! I had very bad experience with BAT! Forget about BRAVE/BAT... There is something much better than this--->>> bittube staking and airshare...' by /u/cryptofuture4me removed from /r/Bitcoin within 591-601min

BAT didn't give me any single BAT reward in my verified uphold wallet! I had very bad experience with BAT! Forget about BRAVE/BAT... There is something much better than this->> bittube staking and airshare medium! [link]1
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Author: cryptofuture4me
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When is BRAVE going to move away from Uphold???

Seriously, if I could use any wallet service besides Uphold, I would be very delighted. It's requirement of photo ID and phone number basically removes any reason for me to use crypto to begin with. Because of this, my BAT wallet has grown and grown without verification. I haven't touched it. I hope other wallet options are introduced in future.
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I think uphold is of no value in all this payout process . We give fee for nothing

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How to transfer money from my Uphold account to Argentina

I live in Argentina and Uphold informs me that I can't link my account to an Argentinian bank. But I want to transfer my money to my account or use it online, but I couldn't find a way to use it directly by buying things on internet. I also have my girlfriend living in Spain but I can't transfer my money to her account because the owner of the bank account needs to be the same as the owner of the Uphold account. So which is my best option?
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small passive income while browsing the web

If you were on the internet in the late 1990s, you might remember companies like "AllAdvantage" that promised to pay you to browse the web. You could install a program that tracked your browsing and showed you targeted ads at the top of the screen, then "AllAdvantage" would give you a cut of the ad revenue you generated.
These schemes largely disappeared after the dot-com crash. But Brendan Eich, the creator of the JavaScript programming language and cofounder and former CTO of Mozilla, thinks his company Brave Software has found a way to revive that old idea.
What is it?
Brave makes a browser based on Google Chrome that blocks tracking scripts and other technologies that spy on your online activity. As a result, it also blocks many web ads; if you visit any website using the Brave browser, you won’t see any ads. But Brave will give users the option to see ads that Eich says will respect your privacy. The ads will appear as desktop notifications, he says, not as replacements for the ads the Brave browser blocks. So you still won’t see ads on any website, but you might see them on the right lower corner of your screen. If you choose to see these ads, you’ll get 70 percent of the revenue they generate.
Eich hopes Brave can solve two of the web's most vexing problems the privacy and revenue problem by turning the traditional digital advertising model on its head. Today, ad networks pay sites for ad space and web browsers like Brave and Chrome deliver content from those publishers to users. Brave is trying to put the browser in the center of the advertising experience. Instead of paying publishers directly, ad networks would pay Brave, which will pass part of the money to users and keep a cut for itself.
By handling advertising in the browser on your device, Brave says it will be able to target ads without sending your data to the cloud, and protect your privacy. When you interact with an ad on Brave, the browser sends notice to the company's servers, but doesn't include any identifying information. Eich sees four sets of winners: browser makers get paid; users get paid, and get more privacy; advertisers can target pitches without running afoul of European privacy regulations; and publishers can survive in a world where many users are installing ad blockers.
Publishers and ad networks might bristle at the idea of putting browser makers in the middle of their business. But in recent years browsers have taken a more active role in shaping the web, instead of merely displaying a website’s content. Chrome now blocks ads on a small number of sites with particularly egregious advertising practices, while browsers like Firefox and Safari have added privacy protections. Meanwhile, browser plugins are giving users more control over their experience. There are Chrome extensions, for example, that let you change Facebook's color scheme, or change the way images are displayed on Pinterest. And of course there are extensions that block all ads.
Trying to win advertisers and publishers to a new model isn't Brave's only challenge. It also needs users. Eich says Brave has 15 million users and is growing.
Brave will give users a 70 percent cut of its advertising revenue, which Eich estimates could work out to about $10 a month. Brave will pay users with its own bitcoin-style "cryptocurrency” called Basic Attention Tokens or BAT, which has traded for as little as 24 cents over the past 12 months, according to CoinMarketCap. You can exchange the BAT you have received for viewing ads into USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and many more currencies.
The company offers a service through the cryptocurrency exchange Uphold to allow users to change, sell and buy BAT or donate it to publishers, and for publishers to exchange the BAT they receive for dollars. Advertisers like HomeDepot or recent campaigns included brands such as Verizon, Newegg, Chipotle, and PayPal/Honey, in addition to earlier campaigns by Amazon, Harry’s Razors, Intel, CBS, KIND snacks, Logitech, Lenovo, Grubhub, Belkin, Quickbooks, Evernote and some of cryptocurrency related companies, will be able to buy ads either with BAT or with traditional currencies.
Eich says Brave opted to create its own tokens using the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform in part to avoid regulatory requirements, such as verifying users' identifies, that partners like Uphold are better equipped to handle.
Estimated revenue? (depending on the country you live in the revenue can be higher or lower)
I made around 3oo$ so far this year using 3 devices, just for viewing some ads.
5 months so far july is not included if you calculate it down for 1 device, 100$/5months = 20$ a month just for viewing ads, you would need to buy risky stocks worth of 2000$ to get the same amount per month.
can only recommend everyone to try it, not every country has the same number of advertisers so you probably get the most out of it when you live in the USA.
If you are interested here is a quick guide how to set it up to get the max amount out of Brave:
1 Download brave here
2 Activate the reward system (gif link below)Gif link
3 go into the settings an deactivate auto contribution and activate 5 ads per hour (image link below)image link
4 Create an Account on Uphold and connect it with your BraveBrowser.
Now you are good to go and can make some money on something you do anyway.
I hope this helps some folks in the community to make some extra bucks.
edit1:you can find more infos and support here:brave_browser & BATProject or www.brave.com
edit2:the earnings are depenging on the number of devices you are using and were you are living. Best paying countries: United States (69) United Kingdom (39) Canada (36) Australia (35) New Zealand (26) Germany (21) Ireland (21) France (18)( the number next to the country are the companies that are running ads on brave for this particular country, the more companies the more revenue )
you can find a full list with all countries and campaigns here: https://brave.com/transparency/
edit3:You don't need to browse to a certain website to receive ads, just browse as you are used to, play browser games, watch videos on youtube or do whatever you want.Sometimes Ads appear on the startpage looks like that https://i.imgur.com/5tohhRc.jpg and after some time on the right lower corner a clickable pop-up appears looks like that->https://i.imgur.com/CTGdVsu.png
edit4:If you want to import your bookmarks and settings from your old browser:on the right top corner of the browser is a button ->https://i.imgur.com/oi8EAri.jpg click it > than on settings > and than you got the option to import bookmarks and settings from your old browser.
If you want to sync brave between devices and for backups:type brave://flags/ into the adressbar and than brave sync into the search bar and acticate itif its enabled it should look like this https://imgur.com/a/tCMDgDjthan just click on sync ->https://i.imgur.com/oi8EAri.jpg
here is a guide ->https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021218111-How-do-I-set-up-Sync
edit5: Don't keep your BAT from free token grants to long in your browser, always send your bat to an external wallet or exchange like uphold, only tokens from free token grants have an expire date if they dont get used they go back to the bat pool. you can find more infos about this here -> https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018305731-Why-does-my-BAT-have-an-expiration-date-
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Are there any good alternatives to coinbase?

Im having an issue with coinbase that they aren't willing to help me with, Im looking for a good alternative where you do not have to wait 15+ days to get an automated message and fees are similar. Thanks.
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DigiByte Weekly Discussion Thread May 03, 2020 - May 09, 2020

Hello! It's May 03, 2020. Welcome to our Weekly discussion thread.
Please read through our rules before putting your commentary in here.
Join DigiByte Community Discord https://discord.gg/yThZpyz
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Why do I need to make an account in Uphold wallet? I actually do not want to, are the options to receive BAT tokens in another way?

I really do not feel like opening a special Uphold wallet, which also requests check of ID and all other kind of control (Brave and privacy???), for receiving some BAT tokens. Is that the only way, I mean cannot I link another of the crypto wallets I am using to this project somehow? And if it is the only way via Uphold, I feel this project is not going to make it, too much hassle for many of us around there.......
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Brave – Navegador basado en Chrome, que te paga al usarlo

Re posteo ya que para algunos fue considerado como spam debido a que dejé mi link de referido, a pesar de que aclaré que el mismo lo era y que de ninguna manera era necesario que lo utilicen a no ser que así lo quisieran, el fin de este post no es el de que utilicen mi link sino el sumar información y alternativas a la comunidad que puedan ser útiles por lo que prefiero dejar la información posteada, y si alguno lo desea y quiere darme una mano, puede pedirme el link por mensaje privado.
Hola gente, ya que vi que en el sub no había información respecto a este navegador que ya lleva bastante tiempo dando vueltas (es decir, no es un navegador que acaba de lanzarse) quise traerlo ya que quizá a alguno le pueda resultar útil.
El navegador Brave, cuyo CEO es Brendan Eich (creador del lenguaje JavaScript y cofundador de Mozilla) el cual está basado en Google Chrome (con una interfaz prácticamente idéntica, y que además es compatible con todas las extensiones descargadas desde la store de Chrome, pues está construido en la plataforma de Chromium, el cuál es un proyecto de código abierto de Google y en el cuál se desarrolló el navegador Chrome, pero además de ser completamente compatible con sus extensiones y con la posibilidad de exportar todo de un navegador a otro (así puedes continuar utilizándolo tal cuál utilizabas Chrome), agrega un par de funciones extra bastante interesantes de seguridad, como bloqueador de rastreadores, cookies, forzar conexiones HTTPS o secuencias de comandos, en pocas palabras bloquea anuncios y publicidades, sería como tener un AdBlock de manera nativa pero además con funciones adicionales, lo cual también hace que el navegador se haga mucho más fluido a la hora de navegar, en esto debo ser sincero, al menos en mi caso no noté mucha diferencia con Chrome, pero en lo que sí lo note es en la manera que administra recursos, ya que al ser más ligero que Chrome, no consume tanto de la memoria RAM haciendo que la computadora sí se note más fluida, en especial si se tiene una con pocos recursos de por sí.
Otra característica bastante interesante que tiene este navegador es que a pesar de bloquear anuncios de manera nativa, puedes activar el Brave Rewards el cuál mostrará anuncios específicos de Brave, los cuales sin necesidad de clickearlos, solo con cerrarlos, ya te estaría pagando en una criptomoneda llamada BAT (Basic Attention Token) la cual puedes utilizar para contribuir con generadores de contenido (como canales de YouTube, páginas web, etc) ó también puedes transferirlo a una wallet de Uphold, desde la cual podrás convertirlo en otra criptomoneda como bitcoin o DAI, así como monedas FIAT como dolares o Euros. Cuánto paga dependerá del uso que le des y de los anuncios que muestre, pero si sos de utilizar mucho la computadora o el navegador en el celular, es un pequeño ingreso pasivo que tampoco hay que despreciar.
Lo dejo acá como una recomendación ya que a mi me ha sido bastante útil, y el que puedas recibir un ingreso solo por utilizarlo es un plus agregado, pueden buscar más información al respecto o si quieren pueden preguntarme y trataré de contestar cualquier pregunta que tengan.
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Does coinbase charge to send btc to another persons wallet

I know coinbase charges you when you buy currencies through them. I plan on purchasing an item through a seller and they accept bitcoin as payment. I wanted to know if coinbase charges to send btc to another persons wallet.
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Bitcoin Wallet Privacy

As I ponder over the future of Bitcoin and mass adoption, I wonder if people will be comfortable participating in a currency where anybody can see how much of it you own and follow your transaction history (given the proper skillset). What are people's thoughts/solutions to this? Perhaps maybe a future service will somehow encrypt your transactions/hide your wallet from the public while still upholding the integrity of the network? I just don't know anyone that would want their financial standing/transaction history so public... All thoughts are welcome.
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Daily General Discussion - February 6, 2020


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Quick links


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Leftover altcoin loose change? Solution: Instant Exchange --> my Lightning Network wallet --> LNMarkets --> Profit!

What to do with the small amounts of altcoins you might have lying around in various wallets and exchanges? Convert them to Lighting network , and give them a 10X spin on LNMarkets!
I found that I had a small amount of altcoins leftover on a few P2P exchanges that I use, and from some small amount of a crapcoin that I received from Brave wallet on my Uphold account, as well as some small balances from a few altcoins on my multi-chain wallet, etc. But the fees for converting these to bitcoin and then withdrawing might chew up all of (or most of) the value of these bits of loose altcoin change.
So what I did instead was to use FixedFloat, an instant exchange, to convert these altcoin bits into bitcoin on Lightning network. Doing that conversion to BTC on LN eliminates any BTC network transaction fee, letting me keep most of the value from the altcoin (the instant exchange takes their cut from the conversion). So I did this, one wallet and exchange account to the next, until they were all clean.
Once I had received the last of the bitcoin in my LN wallet I saw the total, .... 240,000 sats (~0.0024 BTC).
Essentially I gave my wallets and exchange accounts a colon cleanse, but I was still left unsatisfied with just ~$20 worth of bitcoin as the result of having gone through the effort.
Wanting something a little more from my shitcoin purge, ... I took those funds from my LN wallet and created a 10X leveraged long on LNMarkets.
I've no idea if I'll be 0.0024 BTC poorer or if instead this little excursion will pay out nicely. But since the funds came from my various bits of altcoin loose change lying around, I consider it worth taking the risk. And I'm really pleased that I'm nearly entirely shitcoin-free at this point.
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Get rid of Uphold...

I have had so many issues with this garbage service. Last week, I sent less than $5 worth of BAT to Uphold and it took over a day after confirms to appear in the account. Now they have locked my account due to "suspicious activity" and they are asking for more information than was initially required for KYC...
1)Two forms of photographic identification (Driver's License, Passport etc.) 2) Proof of address (utility bill, lease etc.) 3) Employer name and contact address 4) Position 5) Purpose of the account
What in the fuck? Uphold is ruining this project. Why do we need an incompetent third party just to send an ether token? Why can't we just send it to Coinbase like a normal business?
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Almost 100 euro fee when withdrawing Bitcoin

Hey everyone,
I recently purchased Bitcoin via SEPA transfer in Uphold. Sent 5000 euro, after I bought Bitcoin I hade 4850. Now that I want to withdraw those coins to my personal wallet, the withdrawal preview tells me I will receive the equivalent to 4770. As far as I know the withdrawal fees are fixed, and way below this quantity. Could someone tell me if this is right?
Thank you.
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How to withdraw BAT?

Uphold rejected my driver's license because it's expired. What a joke! I am still the same person as before it expired, what is the logic?
Can I withdraw to a bitcoin wallet or something?
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Why is Uphold such a piece of garbage

Trying to get verified on uphold so I can withdraw my BAT tokens is like trying to pull teeth. Who's idea was it to make Uphold the only way to withdraw your BAT token. Shit doesn't even work and it uses KYC, wth is that garbage. All I want to do is sell my garbage BAT tokens for real use-case tokens like ETH. Oh and btw if anyone hasn't noticed yet, the only cryptos Uphold accepts is BTC, XRP, and BAT. I don't see a bright future in the horizon...
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0.00030 Network Fee.

Before I started using Uphold to purchase Bitcoin I used LocalBitcoins.com and switched to Uphold because it worked out cheaper at the time. However, last night I went on LocalBitcoins to see if anything had changed and I found out that it would in fact be cheaper for me to use LocalBitcoins by about £2-3 per transaction. Localbitcoins.com transaction fee to withdraw to a wallet is 0.00001451 Satoshi, ( approx. £0.11), whilst Upholds flat network fee is 0.00030 Satoshi. I have made numerous Bitcoin buys thru Uphold since January when I began and could have saved £2-3 per transaction. The moral of the story is that I advise people to shop around for the best rates as you can learn something new every day of the week and its never too late to pick up a bargain. Onwards and upwards. Viva Bitcoin 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿.
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Best place to buy, store and sell BAT?

I have bought and stored BAT at Uphold, Coinbase and Binance. And the way I see it, the fees and limits vary quite a bit from place to place. Does anyone know or have an overview of where it's cheapest to buy-store-sell BAT?
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Brave and Uphold?

I'm a noob forgive me, but I have been working very diligently to educate myself. This will be a two-pronged question. Firstly, I am now using the Brave browser and created a crypto wallet through Uphold (i think this right but also i'm unclear of the distinction between Uphold and Binance). Is this a safe medium to purchase and store bit coin? I understand it may not be the safest, but I currently only own robin hood bitcoin derivatives so this may be a step in the right direction...secondly, if this is not an ideal platform to be using, can people provide some helpful links to put me down the right path?
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Dash Core Group - Desperately Seeking Bankers

This story starts with DCG and it’s relationship with Dr. Darren Tapp of ASU (Arizona State University). But Dr. Tapp does not stand alone, for there is a loose network of friends with a shared agenda, not only to make dash a regulator-friendly project but to wilfully weaken end-user privacy by upholding a principle of transparency-first.
More than ever, society is engaged in a war on privacy. And when it comes to financial transactions, DCG has taken the position of transparency-first. In sharp contrast, many other projects in this industry are either improving end-user privacy (decred, tezos etc), or actively pursuing privacy first (monero, beam etc).
As you may know, the scaling wars of the past revolved around block size, eventually giving way to “big blocker” projects like bitcoin cash and dash. By enforcing small blocks, Blockstream successfully syphoned off miner fees to the Lightning Network and it’s own Liquid Network. I believe we may be witnessing a similar event with dash. This time it’s not a scaling issue, it’s a privacy issue; transparency-first vs privacy-first.
The Power of Inaction
As many of you know, Dr. Darren Tapp is a research professor at ASU. And you may also be aware, in July 2019, the dash treasury paid ASU 345 dash for research into zero-knowledge proofs. Here’s an excerpt from the proposal along with the relevant link:

“This proposal seeks funding to renew our annual funding commitment to ASU’s Blockchain Research Lab and specifically to fund a research project which would investigate methods to apply zero-knowledge proofs to blockchain identities. It is possible Dash could leverage this research to apply zero-knowledge proofs to identity functions within the Dash network.”

To date, there has been zero feedback from this project and, so far, all requests for an update have resulted in silence, including it’s omission from the DCG quarterly call.
I am particularly concerned by a seemingly gross contradiction. The result of this research into zero-knowledge proofs was to apply to blockchain identities but not to actual payments when they hit the dash blockchain. DCG and it’s proponents argue that privacy-first negates the ability to audit the chain for inflation. But if this was true, how can anyone argue with confidence that zero-knowledge proofs would only work with blockchain identities? It is, I say, a bit disingenuous to suggest it can work one way but not the other.
A Tapp Perspective
I now want to draw your attention to a recent interview between Joel Valenzuela and Dr. Darren Tapp on 8 May 2020:

Here is a particularly pertinent quote from Dr. Tapp:

@ 1:06:13 DT: “Well, I’ll just tell you my use case for dash, right. You’re talking about your use case. My use case for dash is, well, I’m not going to worry about the coffee guy thinking I have a whole bunch of money because I’m going to pay with my phone and I’m only going to keep a small amount on my phone, right? So that right there, they would have trouble you know, they have to go a few steps back and then they’re not even sure if it’s mine if there’s no Private Send. Um, if I don’t use Private Send. And if, let’s say, if I did want to take some money and put it into Coinbase. Well, if I don’t use Private Send and they’re asking “where’s the money came from?” - and that’s what they’re going to do - it’s going to be a little bit easier to say, “this is where it came from”, right?. I mean, I wouldn’t lie to them, I’d tell them the same thing no matter if I used Private Send or not, but I just think I’m going to have less problems with the bank and stuff if it wasn’t so obfuscated. So yeah, I think there’s a kind of, I think there needs to be room for both on chain. There needs to be.. I mean, I’m glad you’re enjoying Private Send. I think there are some improvements that can be made to Private Send. Umm, but I mean, there were some discussion of MimbleWimble and there is, no, we do not do that. No no no. But like, I mean, if you want to bring over some improvements, maybe start reading about the Cash Fusion that’s on the Bitcoin Cash. Umm, so err and like, I believe if you read Cash Fusion, their paper, I believe we can do Private Send in a way where the masternodes doesn’t know which output corresponds to which input. So, right now we trust that the masternodes aren’t paying attention, aren’t going to, you know… they’re... yeah I mean, and they have the word trust in it, they have a vested interest in the network working so that Private Send works the way it’s supposed to work. But, you know, at the same time, if you can do some small little cryptographic thing for no real cost on your processors and stuff like that, umm, why wouldn’t you? So that’s one thing I think that can be brought in. I think Cash Fusion also might do a better job of keeping the balance separate or something like that, but err., I would definitely be in favor of improving Private Send. Umm, but also at the same time, I’m glad that I’m given a choice if I want to use it or not. And pretty much anything when I’m interacting with the banking system, which I know you’re doing a fiat-free, so you don’t need to worry about that Joel.. but when you’re interacting with the banking system, the easier it is to explain to them, the better off, the easier time they’ll give you. That’s the way it is.”

In other words, Dr. Tapp’s priority is transparency-first for the benefit of the banking system.
What I found particularly interesting was Dr. Tapp’s body language. While he was making the above statement, at 1:07:04 he says, “I wouldn’t lie to them [the bank]” and at this exact same moment he goes to touch his face and pulls back. This is a body language clue that he’s lying or somewhat anxious about saying this. This doesn’t mean he is actually lying because with body language you normally need multiple clues to be sure, but having watched it multiple times, I am personally more convinced than not that he was in fact lying or anxious.
Dr. Tapp has outright rejected MimbleWimble, which is fine because MW is just one of several privacy enhancing technologies. But given the complete lack of feedback regarding zero-knowledge proofs from ASU. And given Dr. Tapp’s stance on transparency-first for the benefit of the banking system, I am wondering if there’s more to this than just one person’s opinion on the matter.
The Yes Chain
DCG asserts that dash has fewer privacy features than bitcoin. To make this case, considerable effort has been made to educate exchanges and regulators:

According to DCG, the benefits of a transparency-first approach are:
a) Transaction monitoring
b) Identifying and blocking transactions that utilized mixing, or are in close proximity of known bad actors or sanctioned wallet addresses.
c) Track anonymity enhanced convertible virtual currencies and wallet addresses sending more private transactions.
d) This means that the VASP can choose to identify, block, and report on all transactions sent with Dash PrivateSend and can track and report on all the components of a mixed transaction.
e) Reporting on your users’ blockchain transactions
f) Establish an automated record keeping system for suspicious activity
g) Activity reporting, customer due diligence, and currency transaction reporting.
h) Track anonymity enhanced convertible virtual currencies and wallet addresses sending more private transactions.
i) Customizable risk scoring

Clearly, the scoring / ranking of coin histories (“risk assessment”) is producing a situation where some coins are more worthy than others.
Let us also consider the recent initiative to get dash re-listed on Japanese exchanges at a cost of 428 dash: https://app.dashnexus.org/proposals/listing-dash-in-japan/overview
For a number of years, in pursuit of regulatory approval, DCG has been courting chain analysis companies. This started in August 2016 when Robert Wiecko (Dash COO) was invited to attend a bitcoin meetup in Warsaw where he met Pawel Kuskowski (CEO and co-founder of Coinfirm) . Here is the original proposal along with the subsequent Coinfirm interview with Amanda B Johnson:

Mr Wiecko’s original proposal failed to mention any relationship or intention to engage with chain analysis companies. Nor was it mentioned that this meetup itself was sponsored by Coinfirm. It comes with little surprise that Robert Wiecko does, in fact, have some experience working with compliance (see @ 27:05 of Amanda’s video).

“Btw, we have, both of us have a compliance background. My last job was with [inaudible] bank, before that within a banking compliance department”

Block the Blockchain
Karen Hsu has a long history with dash. Formally from BlockCypher, she helped dash with various integrations, including Payza. She is now CEO of BlockchainIntel and in April 2020, she helped to facilitate an integration with Reciprocity Trading.

“As more people will be interacting online now and potentially in the future, it will be increasingly important to provide transparency so people can trust those they cannot see,”

Karen is interested in blockchain, machine learning and analytics. And in 2018 she worked with various law enforcement agencies to help track and trace five million dollars worth of dash, allegedly stolen from a retired couple:

“The thieves didn’t move the funds right away. A couple months after the initial theft, they started to move the funds to multiple wallet addresses across the world. During their hundreds of transfers, the thieves converted the Dash into other cryptocurrencies. We were able to track their every transfer, whether it was from one Dash address to another, or from a Dash address into another cryptocurrency. In the end, the thieves had transferred the stolen Dash into hundreds of different wallet addresses and exchanged the Dash for Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash.
We collaborated with the FBI and traced the funds to an exchange in Asia. Through our connections with that exchange, law enforcement was able to obtain details of the account owner, which led to a bank account. By September 2018, three months after the theft, our tools and collaboration with law enforcement had identified a person involved in this theft. At that point, the victims, law enforcement and us at BlockchainIntel were hopeful there would be some recovery of stolen funds. But that’s when things slowed down. A lot.”

The narrative is clear; an innocent couple were victims of financial crime. Did the thief use Private Send? Was the thief dumb enough not to use Private Send? Is this the type of scenario that Dr. Tapp endorses for transparency-first when dealing with a financial institution?
In contrast, let us take a look at a story from January 2017 by NIAC (National Iranian American Council):

“Over the past few years, Iranian visa-holders resident in the United States have seen their bank accounts at U.S. financial institutions shuttered as a result of U.S. sanctions. The most recent case is that of Chase Bank, where NIAC has learned that Chase is closing the bank accounts of Iranian visa-holders. NIAC is deeply concerned that U.S. banks are denying financial services to Iranians in the United States on the basis of their national origin and calls on Chase Bank and other U.S. financial institutions to cease and desist from such discriminatory policies. At the same time, NIAC believes that the repeated nature of these account closures makes it incumbent on the U.S. administration to take immediate steps to provide clarity as to the scope of existing U.S. sanctions laws — none of which bar U.S. banks from opening and maintaining accounts for Iranian visa-holders resident in the United States.”

Great! Who needs banks when Iranians can use dash! But then again, what if the recent history of your dash coins was linked to an innocent Iranian, disqualified and excluded by sanctions?
A global peer-to-peer electronic cash system needs to be cheap, fast and very easy to use. Dash’s technical ability to meet demand is very much in sight and the Velocity protocol certainly seems promising. But digital cash also requires a high degree of fungibility. The less fungibility there is, the more discretion and division it sows. The path of a coin should not unduly taint a person’s reputation.
Incremental improvements have been made to Private Send but it is today, fundamentally, the same as it was six years ago. Mixing takes a long time and the user requires knowledge to use it in a safe manner. For example, external actors proactively breaking VPN connections to reveal the underlying IP address during mixing.
A poor user experience is probably why Private Send isn’t used very much and that seems like a very convenient situation for those people actively pursuing regulatory approval. I have to wonder, has the internal workings of DCG been compromised by state level actors? Is this why key members of DCG have refused to undergo a polygraph test?
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