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Clumping Bamboo : There is a class of bamboo plants that do not run and are well behaved. These are called clumping bamboo, or pachymorphs, and they form tight, circular clumps of graceful, arching stems. Clumping bamboo is the only ty... For a totally different look, choose a hydrangea with a "lacecap" bloom: flat heads of large-petaled flowers clustered around bead-like ones. Lacecap hydrangeas can also be climbing plants. Our Climbing Hydrangea had robustly wound around our elderly Butternut to a height, this summer of 35 feet. The wind broke the tree (9/11/13) so it now sports a jagged wound and is only 15 feet high. So, we have lost that wonderful upward spiral. It is still a beautiful plant but it is sad to lose this old tree friend. The plant surrounding and climbing into the Hydrangea is Vinca - not sure if its Vinca minor or Vinca major; common name is periwinkle.The difference between the two varieties is one has smaller leaves than the other and doesn't spread quite so far, otherwise they're very similar in appearance and habit of growth. Climbing Hydrangea – The climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomola) fills the landscape with flower clusters. This climbing vine variety is native to Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In the United States, climbing hydrangea thrives in USDA zones 4 through 8.

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