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testing blackcoin css

testing blackcoin css

Micro Earnings • Bitcoin Faucet! 5 satoshi EVERY 1 min! Ref 25%!

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Bitcoin Discussion • Top faucet Dogecoin 1.5 dogecoin every 10 min

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Micro Earnings • New BCC/BCH-bitcoin cash 5 min faucet(1 BCC/BCH=0.095361 BTC=$331.45)!

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PlanetAirdrop going LIVE

PlanetAirdrop going LIVE
Hello and welcome to all you happy crypto lovers!
We at planetairdrop are proud to announce the launch of our brand new airdrop platform. Right now we start with six great airdrops and faucets you should not miss out on.
These are:
Rating: 🌝🌝🌝
💰Reward: up to 1750 CHSB (~$180) + Ref
Conditions: Register, KYC, APP
⏳ needed: 10 min.
💭: Swissborg is dedicated to improve the crypto currency industry by making it fair, fun and accessable. Currently their ecosystem consists of the Swissborg Community App and the Swissborg Wealth App and their ERC20 based CHSB token is currently listed on #80 on CoinMarketCap.

Captain Bitcoin
Rating: 🌝🌝
💰Reward: up to 1000
CAPT (~$-NA) + Ref
Conditions: Register, Mail
⏳ needed: 3-5 min.
💭: Captain Bitcoin was created to drive the global adoption of crypto currencies thru promotions like daily BTC prize giveaways and more for completing tasks on their platform.

Rating: 🌝🌝🌝
💰Reward: up to 25 PRE (~$0,55) + Ref
Conditions: Register
⏳ needed: 3 min.
💭: Presearch is a community powered search engine with the goal to compete with industry giants like Google. And in contrast to Google Presearch rewards its users with PRE tokens wich are already listed on CoinMarketCap, currently holding spot#640.

Rating: 🌝🌝🌝
💰Reward: up to 500 UCM (~$25) + Ref
Conditions: Mail, Telegram, Twitter + Others
⏳ needed: 10 min.
💭: According to their website Ucrowdme is creating a brand new industry called „Ideas as a Service“. They aim to connect millions of businesses and companies with all citizens around the globe.

Rating: 🌝🌝
💰Reward: $20 + Ref
Conditions: Mail
⏳ needed: 1 min.
💭: Bankiom is designed to be a digital-only banking solution and to promote their business you can sign up now for their services and get rewarded $5 for everyone you refer to them.

Free BTC
Rating: 🌝🌝🌝
💰Reward: earn up to $200 every hour in BTC
Conditions: Register, Mail
⏳ needed: 1 min.
💭: Free BTC is one of the longest running Bitcoin faucets out there and they are still out and about. And of course they keep on improving their services, now ranging from the free roll game, a weekly lottery, jackpots and much more!
It will take you around 30 to 40 minutes to register to all of them and at current rates the value is estimated at aproximatley $230.
Stay up to date and get the best airdrops first at or follow us on Facebook , Twitter or Telegram.
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Free bitcoin faucets

BitFun: Claim every 5min. ((read more))
Bonus Bitcoin: Claim every 15 minutes: ((read more))
Moon Litecoin: Claim every 5min. ((read more))
Moon Dash: Claim every 5min. ((read more))
Moon Bitcoin Cash: Claim every 5min.(( read more))
Moon Bitcoin: Claim every 5min.register:
Moon Doge: Claim every 5min.

From list above, all your clicked crypto coins are collected in cryptocurrency microwallet :

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A Hefty Apology..

First, I'd like to apologies for how long this is going to be, but I believe context is everything.
I'd like to apologize to the Nano community. Since before the re brand I've always cracked jokes about the project, primarily because I can't stand moonbois.. but I digress.
I guess you could say I was early on the Bitcoin chain. I was blown away by the white paper and mined coins before ASICs we're even a discussion. Never got rid of them or anything, just thought it was an amazing concept to me since I had been repeatedly jacked around by a few banks. However, as a recurring theme life happened and I fell out of it completely. A few years went by when someone brought it up to me and when I asked how much it was worth, I almost had a heart attack. Probably shouldn't have spilled beer on the laptop holding my address and key. It didn't even cross my mind when I threw it out..
So I was back, other projects were on the come up and I took interest. Thought they were great, still do.. But I couldn't wrap my head around a lot of it. I'm familiar with code like I am around the block of an engine, but I'm not a mechanic. I couldn't fathom having to use a calculator to figure out how much gas I needed to send 100 coins of X. Thought I did it right and boom... Dust. The rage. Made some good strides and learned from previous mistakes, but I was still somewhat upset with decisions made within these projects. Who would think that was okay? Life happened again and I dropped out for quite awhile again to return back to a colleague at work mentioning BTC at around 9K. I quietly (I don't mention to many people about how involved I've been) checked out my addresses and was blown away. So I was back.
Yeah I made gains (lost a lot too), but I was already well on my way in life and career and didn't need the rocket in some dream of a lambo (Masi's are better). I just wanted all of this to work. Again, it seemed like it was too hard to do anything, move things around... Dust here, dust there.. None the less, I learned more. Taught myself some code just so I could understand the githubs.. No desire to code, just wanted to learn. The dream I saw a few years ago was growing and I felt optimistic. Stuck around for a long run and then life happened again.
Came back at probably the best time in late summer 2017. You want to talk about diversification... I just (today) burned a stack of papers with private keys written down to projects I forgot even existed. The mayhem! Anyway, won some lost some yeah yeah everyone has those stories....
I was still frustrated because that image I had in my head when I was a bit younger was not really fulfilled. Man, these moonbois, let me tell you. At the time and shortly after cracking jokes and having fun was basically my MO (I'm very sarcastic, still am). But yet again, life happened and I let everything just sit where the chips were.. With the exception of those burned out GPUs and the S9's. They went into the trash.
Life gave me a nice little easy path more recently and I've been poking my head around again. The moonboi epidemic is definitely at an ATH. But where the hell was this image I had years back and now and why did it seem like it died? Too many scams? Too many hacks? Too much smoke and mirrors? The founding idea is/was so perfect?
But I wanted that image. The past couple weeks I've been being my sarcastic ass and ripping a bit on Nano. I saw an actual well thought out post on Reddit and thought “Alright, that's pretty well said. Let me hear this out.” So I took a look. Thought it was better put together than other projects so I lurked around.
Today in the daily general I asked for a laymen's approach. I didn't need it, but I wanted to see what would be thrown at me. I was impressed. I saw on another thread about Natrium and a faucet... DAMN, that was fast. Alright I thought, let's dabble. So I did what I always do.. Took a little BTC to the exchange, picked up some nano, set up the ledger and mobile app and tested some stuff out.
Do you know the feeling after everything I just said to send 10 Nano from the exchange (including fee) to a mobile wallet, to the ledger, back to the mobile wallet and then back to the exchange and in the end... still have 10 Nano? In under less than I don't even know.. as fast as I could copy and paste it?!
I called for my wife took her phone and sent myself 10 Nano back and forth. Man am I an asshole. I'm not “In” so to speak, because honestly, at this point. I don't care about prices. I just want to use the shit. Life happens, I want to be able to continue down life and use this shit. The last time I actually used BTC for anything was in 2014.
BTC is digital gold for me.. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Sounds like some WSJ headline, I know. But it's been a good hedge against inflation for what's it worth. But during that second to last time I was back.. the Tx fees were unbelievable. Store of value, all the way, buying a snickers bar? No thanks mate.
I'm actually late to meet a friend at the bar for our weekly pint, was gonna just send this, but he's a moonboi. One sec. Lol --- 45 min later --- Alright, at the pub. Got him to download Natrium. We're now gonna just buy eac hother drinks for the next few hours.
I have some questions regarding decentralization.. bottle necking, spam transactions, but I can ask them in discord I guess. My only fear is that this could be replicated by Chase/BofA etc, but then again, I kind of left them years ago for a reason.
I'm sorry, okay. I'm sorry I was a sarcastic asshole. This is by far the closest thing I've wanted in a very long time. Send 1 Nano.. Get 1 Nano. Who would have thought. I'm going back to darts, but before I go...
- Can someone send me something on how to set up a node? Walk through maybe?
- Mods should pin this. I don't care about worthless internet points. Truth is I'm on my 9th or 10th Reddit account. So, I'll retire this one as soon as I hit send. But I think there is a valuable lesson from my time in this crazy town.
I'm not getting rid of my BTC and “going all in for the moonbois”. But I'll definitely be using my Nano. Whenever or wherever I can.
Thank you.
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What l believe to be the best faucets

The description of the best faucet depends on your prespective. Therefore, l'll be categorizing faucets according to their advantages.
That's of course my opinion, it may be wrong. Thus, if you know any better please tell us and if l made a mistake tell me so l correct it. Thank you!

Best paying faucet:
claimcoin24 (non ref) is what l found to be the the highest paying faucet as it pays for exemple 0.24pot and 0.56 doge (0.02pot and 0.12doge is the best l could find elsewhere). Claiming is available each 5 mins with max of 15 claims a day.
You can claim BTC, POTcoin, Dash, Doge, ETH, LTC (ref) and more.
As a general rule you get as much as you bring in so expect some pop-ups and with this we pass to the next gategory.

Least annoying faucet:
claimfreecoins (non ref) not that paying of a faucet but you have a straight forward short link.
you can claim BTC, ETH, PPC, POTcoin (ref) and more.
faucetcaptcha (ref) is simpliest faucet as you just solve captcha and get 1 satochi for each captcha,there is no short links to go through but there is one pop up, payment is automatically done when you reach 20 satochis.

Concerning autofaucets, in general they send crypto each 1-10 mins for a max of 2 hours but l found this one ( l talked about it in previous post) which sends crypto each 3-4 minutes for 24 hours. You can see the post here.
Hope l was clear enough, please ask your questions and l'll try to answer within my capabilities or another person will hopefully answer.
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11-30 23:53 - 'Bedava Bitcoin Kazan, Freebitcoin, Her Saat 1200 TL Kazan, Bitcoin Kazan...' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/bddk81 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-9min

Bedava Bitcoin Kazan, Freebitcoin, Her Saat 1200 TL Kazan, Bitcoin Kazandıran Site [[link]12 [#freebitcoin]2 [#BedavaBitcoin]3 [#BitcoinKazan]4 [#kazan]5 [#BedavaKazan]6 [#btcKazan]7 [#blockchain]8 [#faucet]9 [#1bitcoin]10 [#bitcoinMining]11
Bedava Bitcoin Kazan, Freebitcoin, Her Saat 1200 TL Kazan, Bitcoin Kazan...
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: bddk81
1: *ww.**utu*e.*o*/re*ir*ct*r*dir_t*ken=Xj4A****WQkN*d*vVnBHG*AS15h8M*U**TI0MzgzOUA*NTc1MTU3**M*&***;q*https%3***Zx*h*P&*st**d=U*wB*Lkslg*eTPG*LP*4AaA*Ag&e*e*t=co*ments 2: **w*yo*tub*.com/re*u*****earch*query*%23freebitcoin 3: w*w*youtub*.c*m/resu*ts?*earch_que*y*%2*Bedav*B**c*in 4: w*w.y*u**b*.*om/r*sul*s*sea*ch_q*ery=%2*Bit*oinKazan 5: www.youtu**s*lt*?s**rch_*uery=%***az*n 6: w**.youtube.c**/re*ul**?sear****uery*%23B*davaKazan 7: *ww.*out***.*om/r*sults?search_**ery=%*3bt*Kaz*n 8: w**?se**ch_q**ry=%*3****kchai* 9: www***ut****earc*_qu*r*=%23*auce* 10: www.yo**u*e.*om/re***ts?search_quer***231bi*co*n 11: w*w.y*utu***e*ults?*earc*_q*er*=%23b**coinMin*ng 12: go*.gl/Z*2hZP*^*1
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Explained my wife crypto

Installed my wife a bitcoin wallet on her phone to show her how crypto works.
Send some fractions.
Was embarrassed that it didn't show up after 5 mins of waiting.
Installed nano wallet on both devices, googled nano faucet, got me some free nano, sent to her, she received it in seconds.
Told her that this is what Bitcoin is supposed to be.
Bitcoin still not there.
If nano ever gets as secure as Bitcoin, it's unbeatable as a currency.
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How I earn effortless passive income and how you can do, too! (includes refs)

Hey guys,

I'm a twenty-something student from Germany starting his journey to generate passive income and I would like to share my plan with you and maybe inspire you. I really start from scratch and being a STEM-related student money is tight and time is scarce, but I'm dedicated to get this shit up. So, here's what I'm going to do:

Getting some basic passive income up by running auto-surfing websites as much as I can. Claiming 1-2 times per day from a crypto faucet (takes so little time that i consider it passive). Using this income to invest into more sustainable passive income businesses like for example my t-shirt business or stockphotography. Designing a few designs every week to additionally get it going. Endgame: Youtube-Channel in the tutoring niche of a highly demanded but not yet provided topic in my subject. Maybe a unrelated health blog with affiliate links, let's see. Daydreaming, man. However, in this post I will just focus on the stuff you don't need time or money for to generate a basic passive income each month. I really encourage you to use this income to invest in further sources of passive income as they are all very unsustainable, but a good way to get that shit started.

But yeah, back to the small stuff´for now. Websites that generate passive income simply for leaving them open. It's called autosurfing and it's basically a website that pays you a small amount of money each minute to keep a tab open that redirects you to several sites. It is financed by websites paying the owner to get traffic. Most of them are fairly new so there is no payment proof for all of them yet and maybe one or two can turn out as a scam, but I give them a shot. I mean, hey it's free and you do not need to invest either time or money to get started. Just keep them all open in a window and forget about them. Needless to say they do not make you rich. You better find out for yourself, it's a real easy way to get some extra bucks. The links are ref-links which give both of us a small bonus. I will list pay per minute, minimum payout and max per month if you manage to run them 24/7 (which I don't, but maybe some of you are interested in it). You can cash out via paypal. Starting the list with the highest-paying ones. They all have the same layout, you just need to register individually for each one and click the start earning button.

1) Autosurfing $0,001/min. Min Withdrawal: $10. Max/30days: $43,2
This one seems too good to be true. But if they are legit I don't want to be the one missing out. Especially as it takes no effort at all to get it running and you can't lose, right? Can be a bit buggy when registrating. Just try a few times in case that happens. $0,0002/min. Min Withdrawal: $3. Max/30days: $8,46
Second highest paying one. Fairly new. $0,00015/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,50. Max/30days: $6,48 $0,00012/min. Min Withdrawal: $1,50. Max/30days: $5,19 $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $1,00. Max/30days: $4,32 $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,00. Max/30days: $4,32 $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,00. Max/30days: $4,32 -> spanish one, but easy to navigate

EDIT: There are some new now. I wrote a guide about autosurfing on medium to get you started. Check it out!

This can stack up to $76,29 a month if run 24/7. You get the point. If you only leave them open for 12 hours a day it's still like $38 dollar. There are also premium programs which can increase your earnings even further, but I want a few payments from a site before I look into them. There are few other websites which I skip here because the minimum withdrawal is way too high for the rate they pay or they're not available in english.

Another similiar website I can recommend is You can use their surfbar and it automatically directs you to websites that pay ebesucher money for traffic. Just like the other sites. It's a bit hard to calculate here since points per visited site do vary, but I estimate that it pulls in about $6 max per month if run non-stop.

Get all these websites running in one window and add for another roundabout $8,75 a month. You simply have to open 4 tabs with a radio (you can mute them) and get paid 1 point every 15 minutes. 1000 Points translate into $3,05 (January 19).

There are also Apps that pay you cash for swiping a banner away every time you unlock your phone or pay you to receive a few test-sms every other day, but I haven't looked into them yet. I will do so soon and update the post. Oh, and don't forget phone farming! True effortless passive income is real lol.

Well, wanna hear more options how you can easily earn some money each month with very low effort? Don't be afraid of cryptos if you aren't into them yet. You'll get into them pretty soon, I promise. And you should definitely give them a try considering that they can rise pretty high in value and can easily be converted to cash if you don't want to keep them. Free money is money, after all.

2) Cryptocurrency

So, now at first you need a wallet to do anything with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of free alternatives, just search the internet to get started. Personally, I use Atomic-wallet on my Laptop.

Next step you need to register on It is a microwallet where all your earnings from the following faucets are directly transfered to without a fee. A faucet is a website with a lot of ads on it that pays the visiter a share of the revenue in cryptocoin. Problem with most faucets is that you can claim the same amount of cryptos every set time, for example all 15 minutes you get 30 satoshi (bitcoin-unit), but if you claim every 50 minutes you'll also get 30 satoshi. And in most cases you need to accumulate a very big amount of coins to get them transferred to your wallet. This is not the problem with coinpot, however. The featured faucets all stack up. This is the big advantage. You can claim them every 5 minutes, but also only once a day or even every second day and the amount you get will still keep on getting higher. The withdrawal amount to get them to your wallet is also very low (3,6$ worth of cryptos) and can be easily reached within like 15 days. So yeah, I recommend you to get yourself a second e-mail for coinbot and the following stuff. Coinpot has a really nice layout and supports 5 different cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Dash, Dogecoin), which you can exchange for one another without fees. I always transfer all my cryptocoins and the tokens (you get tokens as bonus points every claim) to bitcoin to be able to withdraw them faster. Okay, so here's what you do:

You register on coinpot. And then you sign up with the same mail on these faucets:
Moonbitcoin faucet for Bitcoin
Moonlitecoin faucet for Litecoin
Moondogecoin faucet for Dogecoin
Moondashcoin faucet for Dash
Moonbitcoincash faucet for Bitcoincash
Bitfun another faucet for Bitcoin
(If you have some more spare time you can also join Bonusbitcoin, it won't stack up, but you can claim every 15 minutes and it will reward you with a daily bonus. Pays pretty decent, but isn't really that passive.

Here's how it works: The amount you get will stack up until you claim. When you claim you need to resolve a short chapta to prove you're human and you will receive your cryptos directly in your coinpot wallet. You will get tokens for each claim you make which you can exchange for cryptos. You will also receive a bonus each time you claim. +1% per each day you claim in a row and a random bonus between 0-100% which is really cool especially when you wait long for them to stack up and then receive some 87% bonus lol. You can claim every 5 minutes if you want, but it's not really worth your time. I suggest claiming them 1-2x a day, only 1x for the most passive way and to get your daily bonus going up. I claim them every now and then, mostly like 1-3x a day, sometimes when I'm on my laptop anyway and bored more often and I generate like $5 worth of cryptos a month. Considering you don't do anything but click the captchas a few times a day which takes you like 2 minutes for all of them it's a very nice small income stream.

Another cryptorelated thing which truly is completely passive is Mannabase. You should definitely check them out! They have a very appealing website and their vision is to create a universal basic income for every human being. You need to register, verify your ID to them and they will pay you some Manna every week without you doing anything. You can exchange this coin for bitcoin or dollar then.

3) Other stuff

This isn't actually passive, but I always keep open, when I'm on my laptop. It is an academic survey portal that actually pays very high (like 9 British Pounds) per hour. They don't have many surveys, so I'll always let the window open and check from time to time if there is a survey I can reserve for myself.

I sometimes also use for some passive video watching and the daily check in bonus. Video section is a bit buggy though, so you need to babysit it a little more than the autosurf-websites. It's like Swagbucks where you can fill out surveys and stuff. But I don't invest much time on those, just do a survey once a while to get to the withdrawal amount on those. Oh, and Swagbucks is pretty nice for Cashback here in Germany.

So, yeah. That's my guide to all of the shit I do on the internet lol. You can easily pull in up to $80-90 a month if you're dedicated. It's up to you how much you use this stuff, but I think it's a good start to passive income. I aim for a minimum of $40 a month to invest in my more sustainable passive income businesses and try not to miss any free opportunities on my way. Right now I got a browser window open making money for me and another one with cryptos waiting to be claimed while I write this post. You could do that, too! Absolutely no effort besides the initial setup. If you use my referral-links you get some bonuses, support my journey and I hope you can start yours soon, too.

So long. Happy earnings and keep grinding!
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I found a real gem under all the altcoins, a possible top10 coin. Also, I'm pretty bad at creating clickbait titles. Let's try: IOTAs competitor, 100x opportunity!!

Maybe you've heard about it in the last couple days, maybe not. But I'm sure you've read something about IOTA. But this post isn't about iota, but it's competitor. If iota is the Ethereum, Raiblocks is the actual currency. Pretty sure a lot of iota fanboys are voting it down, but I'm posting it anyway.
Raiblocks was invented earlier than iota, and even has a wallet that works. Here and there you'll find old posts about it, also this is a nice comparison chart:
It has 0 transaction fees, the transfers are instant, all your cpu does is do a proof work (0.x seconds)
Currently, Raiblocks is on only 2 not so well known exchanges, Mercatox and Bitgrail. Even this hasn't prevented Raiblocks from rising into the top100, and I think I know why. First, the marketcap. It is only 75 Million vs the gigantic over 10 Billion marketcap from IOTA. Even if you'd hate Raiblocks, that makes it a clear buy.
Raiblocks had the fairest distribution of all time. You had to solve a lot of captchas to get a tiny amount of it. So the rich list ist very fair, a huge plus in my eyes. However, after a while everyone become obsessed about the faucet and it came to a little community war because no one talked about the tech or the specs anymore but the faucet. That's when the lead dev decided to end the faucet half a year early and to burn over 200 Million coins from the ~300M supply, so only 100M are left rougly.
Right now we have over 200k unconfirmed transactions for Bitcoin, people who bought $100 in the last couple weeks, can you imagine the disappointment? They can do nothing with Bitcoins. How would you feel? Also Ethereum, if you'd send a standart transaction and know nothing about increasing fees, you've lost. Litecoins are somewhat fine, but still miner centralized and 2.5 Min blocktime if I'm not wrong.
What we need is a real currency you can use with NO fees, NO transaction times (even faster than the currently overshilled ripple!) You might see this as a shilling post, but here is your clear opportunity to experience another ANS -> NEO. Raiblocks will get added to a big exchange in this December, and you want to buy it right now before it goes parabolic there.
Here is a pretty good recap:
Look at the market cap, look at the tiny supply. Now is your chance. Don't wait until it's on Bittrex.
As always, DYOR :)
// English isn't my first language, go easy on me
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Buenas a todos, este es mi primer post en el foro. Es un poco largo así que paciencia y no me maten.

Para empezar, hoy en día la crisis nos abruma a todos y debemos encontrar métodos alternativos para producir algo de ingresos para el sustento del día a día, por otra parte debemos dejar de lado eso de la "viveza criolla" y empezar a ser más solidarios con nuestros hermanos (cosa que he visto en gran medida en este foro). Teniendo eso en cuenta les planteo una forma de generar criptomonedas de forma pasiva conocida como faucets.

¿Qué son las faucets?
Estas son páginas de internet en las que podemos conseguir criptomonedas. Estas se reclaman cada cierto tiempo establecido por la página. Lo unico que se necesita para generar pequeñas cantidades de criptomonedas es una cartera o wallet.

Las faucets son scam o generan muy pocos ingresos
Depende, ciertamente muchos sitios como estos son creados para minar criptomonedas a partir de los usuarios y en verdad terminan no pagando. Por otra parte, la cantidad generada no es "exorbitante" pero puede contribuir a nuestras ganancias mensuales ya que estas páginas te pagan solo porque las visites, es una ganancia pasiva sin mucho tiempo invertido.

¿Qué faucets usar en tal caso?
Personalmente recomiendo las asociadas a la microwallet CoinPot, las cuales son la familia Moon(BTC, BCH, DOGE, LTC y DHS), sus páginas respectivamente:
El tiempo de reclamo de estas son de 5 mins.

¿Por qué estas y no otras? ¿CoinPot?
Por el tiempo que han estado activas pagando y el beneficio que pagan directamente a la microwallet CoinPot.
CoinPot es una microwallet que si bien no es tan famosa como Coinbase, tiene sus beneficios, por ejemplo:
¿Reclamar cada 5 mins? qué flojera
Si bien el tiempo de reclamo "para maximizar ingresos" es de 5 mins, una forma de optimizar esto es hacer el reclamo en las páginas en intervalos de 25~30 mins (ojo esto no aplica para todas las faucets, pero en general funciona). Esto es más agradable que estar pegado a la pantalla cada 5 mins y nos permite estar al tanto de otras actividades que estemos realizando. Los reclamos se realizan colocando el correo asociado a la cuenta de CoinPot y resolviendo un simple CAPTCHA, el pago se hará inmediato a tu microwallet Coinpot.

Y esto es todo sobre el post, espero les sirva y si quieren empezar y a la vez ayudarme un poco al mismo tiempo (los sitios también cuentan un sistema de referidos en el cual puedes ganar un % más invitando gente):
Venceremos mis panas.

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The Synthetic Newbe Doge buy guide, plus my 2 cents

Hi guys, this is my first post/comment/whatever on reddit, I hope it can be useful to everyone. I want to talk mainly about 2 topics:
Section 1) : To The Mooooon!
I'm a proud owner of 3.6K dogecoins, I mainly earned them in 2 ways
I'm a newbe in dogecoins or cryptocurrency in general, but I'm not a newbe on the net. I'm skilled in researches, payments and avoid scam/frauds, since I was a newbe I needed 2 things on my way to buy: affordable and safe.
What it comes is what I found.

=========== START OF TUTORIAL ================

Section 1a) : Buy Them
IMPORTANT: You CANNOT use Paypal, just SEPA or credit/debit card, even prepaid ones (which I suggest, safety first!)
Coinbase is the most safe "crypto-bank" I've been able to find. To join their board, you need to subscribe a new account, set your phone number, send a document so they can verify your ID, save a payment method.
Step 1/3:
IMPORTANT: keep in mind that you will pay a small fixed fee on your transfer, in my case if I buy an amount:
Step 2/3: Now that you own your bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin, you have to exchange them, but before this you need a wallet! I found a nice and safe site:
Just subscribe here, follow ALL the instruction the site asks, and in a couple of minutes you'll have a safe, fast with no fees doge wallet. Remember to backup all your wallet in a safe place!
Step 3/3:
Since it's almost impossible to directly buy dogecoin, you need a way to buy something else (bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin in this tutorial), and then exchange in to dogecoins. For this pourpose, I used changer.
All you have to do is subscribe an account, it is a legit site, you have to (obviously) pay some fees when converting a coin to another, but they're not that high. Safeness means fee, remember!
IMPORTANT: remember that every coin transaction pays a fee, so keep in mind that from the amount of coins you are going to trasnfer from your coinbase account, you have to substract the automatically applied fees (what you can send FROM coinbase will ALWAYS be a bit less than your balance!) . To check how much you can transfer, just go into coinbase, the 3th menu option on the top (the wallet icon), select the coin you bought (in my case Litecoin) and click on send, click on the amount you want to send (there are 2 fields, first euusd and second the amount of coin) and then click maximum amount. Copy that number.
Now, go back to changer:
Now you have to wait 10-20 min in order to transfer the coinbase amount to changer, then from changer to your dogecoin wallet, that's it!
IMPORTANT: there's always a loading bar over the amount to transfer field in changer, when it is full it will update the change rate from one coin to another, it depends on the market change rate.
That's it, congratulations, you safely bought dogecoins! Welcome new shiber!
Section 1b) : Faucet
There are many faucet or things that promise you free coins, 2 considerations:
Anyway during my researches, I found a "group" of inter-related faucets that really pay, I received about 300 doge from them. The idea behind this kind of faucets I'm about to talk is: the more often you'll check the page (not less than 5 minutes), the more you'll learn (anyway we're talking of cents even assuming you'll never sleep and stop living, just be on the site to claim every 5 minutes). Anyway, this set of faucets will continue generating coins even if your browser is absolutely closed, so they're worth a try.
That's it new shiber, you got some free dogecoins!
Actually, I spent 40 eur on dogecoin, buying in different times, hope we'll go on the moon soon :)

=========== END OF TUTORIAL ================

Section 2): My 2 cents
I think that what is happening to cryptomarket in these days is related to many factors.
In my opinion, there's no reason to get scared, in 10 days cryptomarket lost an average of 30% value, why shouldn't it gain back again? In february I expect dogecoin to skyrocket, as well as other cryptocurrencies, this is a sea that cannot be stopped anymore, so shibers let's hold, and don't forget that
1 Doge = 1 Doge.
Hope all this poem will be useful to someone, keep rocking guys :)
Thank you for your existence reddit, I learned a lot thanks to you!
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Best Dogecoin faucets (FaucetHub)

Here's a list of a few good, working and paying Doge faucets. They all are FaucetHub faucets.
  1. Bitcolife - 0.5 doge / 1 min
  2. BestBitcoinFaucets 0.6 doge / 5 min
  3. Iziwindoge 0.5 doge every 5 min
  4. CayusCryptocoins 0.12 doge / 1 min (no shortlink!)
  5. Rivayz 0.4 doge / 1 min
  6. DogeZone http:// 0.4 doge / 1 min
That's it for now. Will add more later.. :)
My faucets:
Take care shibes! Much claim from wow faucets!
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Actinium - PoW, no ICO, no premine. New crypto from a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

First of all, technical info:
Current version:
Supply: 84 million
Block time: 2.5 mins
Algo: Scrypt
Coins per block (before 1st halving): 50 ACM
Halving: every 840000 blocks (roughly 4 years)
No premine
No developer rewards
No airdrop, ICO and similar things
History (extracted from Discord)
A History of Actinium (Written by Harris Brakmić, aka brakmic)
I think I should write a few words about the project, it's beginnings, the whole idea and how it came to existence. I really want this project to succeed and I am ready to do anything & everything to make it a success. Will write a stream of consciousness.... let's begin...
It was a few weeks ago when I decided to leave my last crypto project. The decision had nothing to do with this project as at this time I wasn't even sure if I am going to stay in crypto at all. Also, the people from the former project were really nice to me (good, professional colleagues) So, it had nothing to do with this project, but it was important because without me departing it, Actinium wouldn't be here. So, one thing relates to other, (in)directly. However, a few days after my departure became "public" (I've silently left the project to avoid any negative spikes in the markets).
This was due to my role there. My part was the development of their latest security feature (again, not important for this project, but indirectly it makes clear that I came from "somewhere" without a big bang) So, after it became public a few guys who also had been members of this project but have left some time earlier (and they were also developing another coin in secret as I would later find out) approached me. It was just a friendly talk, like: "hey bro, you left the project", "what happened" so we talked and talked and then they offered me to join their project which was (and I think mostly still is) and unfinished idea, some kind of Bitcoin but with Equihash.
They explained it to me that they wanted to keep ASICS out because of "centralization". However, I found this idea bad from different angles. first, Bitcoin's code is state of the art. If you are going to change Bitcoin, well, either you are really good (I AM NOT!) or you are an impostor. or simply batshit crazy.
However, the other developer in the team wanted to change the code this way. Other guys were not developers but simply GPU-miners...well, you understand now why "Equihash". So, we agreed that I will wait for the other coding colleague to finish his work. And it took some time, a few weeks or so. and he still wasn't even able to boot the system, to create a genesis block. And you surely know that we, coders, are people who HATE to sit around and doing nothing.
So I started in parallel a shitcoin and now comes the interesting part... When I came to this team, I advertised the idea to build a coin with a strong focus on the future, ... payment channels, instant payments, off-chain solutions, the Lightning Network however, my ideas were, well, not very "welcome". The other colleague dismissed them, and the other guys who were not coders, didn't follow my idea and as I already said, I had to wait for the colleague to create a genesis block (and also to import the Equihash algorithm from Bitcoin Gold into gruesome!)
Actually, the idea with Bitcoin Gold was mine, because he wasn't sure where he could get Equihash from so I sad, half as a joke, hey take Bitcoin Gold, this is a cool scamcoin well, I should have kept my mouth shut! anyway...I remained in this group, patiently waiting and also developing my shitcoin they even created a separate channel called "SHT Talk" where I could present this coin (and not spam their other channels lol) and then, when everything was set up I wanted to mine blocks... but I didn't want to be only miner I am a coder, not a miner and maybe this is a shitcoin, but it should be mined honestly so, I had to beg those people to sacrifice one or two of their many GPUs to mine a worthless coin... it took me a few days to bring them to let some of the cards run...and I understand that...they do this for a living and I am only some random coder with a shitcoin project I don't think I'd behave differently however, after some time they started to mine this (still worthless) coin and being a true coin I decided to make the ANN on Buttcoin if there is a community where you SHOULD NOT announce a coin then I think Buttcoin would be the 1st place so, I wrote a proper announcement, posted it there.... and them people started writing: hey, it's like DOGE.
This is the moment when I realized that people give value to everything even if you decide to create a shitcoin, name it shitcoin, and announce it on Buttcoin, people will still be more powerful than you and think otherwise it doesn't mater what I think the only thing that matters is the community! so, after a few hours of upvoting, the Buttcoin admins realized that there is "something going on" and removed my post from the top this happens when certain people think they're more powerful than many people centralization! well, I decided to keep this coin alive... I was begging my former colleagues even more to use their GPUs but it was of course really hard to persuade them also, some problems inside the team came to the surface the other colleague had some problems with the code, also some personal issues I think...
I don't know the exact details I was mostly a "guest" there, actually had no real influence at one point their "manager" offered me to take over their project, because they were not very happy with the current progress but I refused, because backstabbing is a shitty behavior it didn't matter to me that the coding colleague never liked me personally, but I'd never take his position I decided to play with (at this time) Shitcoin DeLuxe so, I setup a mining pool (first time in my life) a small explorer bought some servers (currently we have 8 servers for everything...mining, explorer, faucet, basic nodes etc.) and then, at some point in time...I think maybe 10 days ago or so... the guys from the other project asked me to come to the chat... also the coding colleague was there... and he still had problems to create a Genesis Block however, he was full of plans what I have to do in future... like: you should write test, setup testing servers etc.
Basically, the housekeeping work well, nothing against testing, as I really like to test my code... but, if you are unable to bootstrap a blockchain, then there isn't much to be tested :sweat_smile: I said it this way, directly into the crowd and then they went silent I am really for friendship, tolerance, respect but if I bite you, you can be sure I will do it so fiercely that you will remember me I also announced that I will rather keep the Shitcoin DeLuxe alive than do housekeeping for a project that still doesn't exist as a real blockchain.
I may have only created a Shitcoin, but there is at least a chain, some miners, some servers, and I am a coder who writes actual code well, after a day or so my access to their chat was revoked... without any information just like that ....soooo....this is it.... what else should I say.... look, dear people... I am mostly working from home...only on Wednesdays I am in the company I get every day a few "remote work" offers... I could take them, my boss wouldn't even notice... such offers usually pay 80-100$/hour I am a professional coder, I do this for a living...
If I wanted money I would really not need blockchain, or Shitcoin DeLuxe please, don't take me wrong... blockchains can generate lots of money And I applaud every miner, investor, and user who manages to get rich out of this or any other coin but you are NOT coders it's YOUR business not mine we, coders, have OUR ways of getting "enough" money for us just like lawyers, scientists, or any other people do if I want more money I simply answer to some of those pesky head hunters... "give me 100/$ hour, keep your mouth shut, will deliver webpage in 3 weeks, here my bank account" this is the coder's way of getting money. I don't have to premine coins, fool people I could have stayed with the other project easily but I didn't want to be there I felt responsibility towards the people here money is important, but we are not only our damn money I think we are more, so, ok, I think I have talked long enough.
I hope I could clarify some things about this coin, how it came into existence, what my motives were.
Mini roadmap
Ledger Nano Support: DONE!
Lightning Network: work in progress!
Dev info
Bitfex and BiteBtc
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Help us create the best mobile wallet – join Billion test-net beta! [iOS]

Hey there, folks!
We are a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts behind Billion Wallet (screenshot) for iOS. It's common among developers to think about their project in a special way, and we are not an exception – we do feel like we created something different. We believe we have a reason to think like that, and we invite you to participate in a public beta test that allows you to play with all features without spending real bitcoins ㋛.
We value Bitcoin Cash very much, but due to roadmap inertia we still do not have a version that works natively with Bitcoin Cash – we are sorry for that. What makes us very sad, is that our posts on Bitcoin are always deleted for no apparent reason and without any explanation. It's not a kind of treatment we expect – we work hard for the benefit of the Bitcoin infrastructure, we are a very small, self-funded team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the ability to participate in open communities is vital to us. We hope you do not mind we invite you to test the wallet that works in a test-net Bitcoin Core chain.
Here is what's unique about Billion:


Not only Billion never asks you to enter email or phone number, but it also implements a unique feature called Reusable Payment Codes. Payment Code is a special kind of address that can be freely published online and no one will be able to calculate the amount received. Kind of Monero Stealth Addresses but in a Bitcoin world! You can read a high-level overview of this technology on our Medium blog (a 10-min read). Billion is an SPV wallet that does not depend on a central server for any critical functionality.


To make cryptocurrencies easy to use for everyone we have developed an entirely new visual paradigm. If you ever experienced struggle while using a crypto wallet, we encourage you to try Billion – that's something new on the market. You can read a brief explanation of Billion user-interface on Medium (4-min read), or watch a 30 seconds-long promo video. Please forgive us the part of the video with 10$ fees :)


One of the most important aspects of Billion is a system of contacts based on Payment Codes. Once you have added your friend to a list – either using Air Connectivity (Bluetooth connection) or by importing/scanning a Billion Card – you can make payments without any copying/pasting/scanning. This way, a payment workflow is simplified drastically, and the privacy is not sacrificed at all. Moreover, such a system is cross-platform: you can add contacts from other wallets that support Payment Codes. As of now, Samurai (BTC-only) and Stash (BTC + BCH)) on Android are two wallets that support Payment Codes (and Stash can be used on TestNet). And by the way, Stash Wallet works great in test-net so you can experience the magic of cross-platform Bitcoin contacts right away!

How to Participate

  1. Download Billion TESTNET Edition from the App Store
  2. Create a new wallet. Once it's synced, tap onto the balance tab to display your Billion card. Assign a pseudonym and avatar to make it more recognizable.
  3. Share your BillionCard picture in comments, or join a dedicated Telegram channel. We will send you some test-bitcoins so you won't need to use any faucets!
  4. Add BillionCards of other users who participate in beta testing to your list of contacts (tap onto 'Contacts' icon -> 'Add contact' -> 'Scan BillionCard' -> 'Extract QR-code from picture' and choose the image you saved to media library). Send them some coins, and tell us how do you enjoy the workflow.
  5. If you have friends with whom you can test Billion irl, we urge you to test Air Connectivity and Billion Requests.
Thanks for reading and let's create the best mobile cryptocurrency wallet together!


We have to polish the version on a single platform with one cryptocurrency first, and we need your help. We are looking forward to testing Billion with you!
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Need starter advice, offering app suggestions in return

Hey guys i just got into this whole bitcoin nonsense when i was bored on a train back home for xmas. Right now i am using faucets on my phone and have nicehash mining on my computer(mid-low gaming set up). In addition i found an android miner, had it on my phone for a day or 2 but decided to keep my phone healthy instead. I've got that app on a POS tablet mining now.
I have Xapo and coinbase wallets so far and I've narrowed faucets down to ones that actually pay out. I was wondering if theres anything else i should be doing, or any need to know stuff. Any general advice is appreciated aswell.
For the faucets im using
  1. Stormplay, claims every 30min and offers that are not sketchy and payout. Renewed my hulu i was already paying for and got 30k satoshi. Pays in bitcoin, ethereum and their own currency "storm" that just released, min withdraw is equivalent of 5 cents roughly. Can be found on playstore, and with my code ( LJVZXW ) you get a sign up bonus. Of course i appreciate you using my code too lol.
  2. Claim Bitcoin Network, runs 3 different free chance based faucets (slots spinner etc). Balances are linked, 15min intervals, with all 3 getting 100-175 satoshi every 15min. Has a preferred program that when you click a banner ad you get a purple heart symbol for like 6 hours, gives you 2-3x normal rewards. I just don't even let ads load and closem, still works. Has an active website a twitter to announce events bonuses etc. Google name for website, all apps are in play store use code 7Y39PB for 200-1000 sign up bonus per app. The apps are named "satoshi slots" "claim free bitcoin" and "wheel of satoshi".
  3. Free Bitcoin Spinner. normal spinner, charges spins over time so you can check twice a day to get full benefit, over 5ish days made 4k satoshi in it, has no min withdraw (successfully withdrew at 400). Use this code to get bonus HYPUOE
That's it for faucets, for that android miner it is called "Mobile Miner - Real Bitcoin Miner New Version" Its a new app so its still being built, no withdraw ability yet, they are hoping to finish that in a couple weeks, the minimum will be 1 satoshi. To start you just enter your email and it will keep track of all your sessions and balances, currently paying at 1024 hashes= 1 satoshi. Theyve been pushing out updates with requested features (used to have to log in each time i opened app) so that gives me a bit of trust in it.
Coinbase is a wallet that does bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and litecoin. Easy to use and set up, referral bonus is we both get $10 of bitcoin when you exchange $100 to BTC, message me for link
Xapo is a bitcoin only wallet. It has some great features, multiple "pockets" or accounts, a bitcoin vault account, like a savings. Also depending on country debit cards, no referral but check it out.
Hopefully this was helpful to some and I'd love to get advice in return
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The Best Experience of Gambling

The Best Experience of Gambling

Luckygames - The best bitcoin gambling site in network.
Welcome to Luckygames, the Best Multicoin Gambling Site. The main goal is to bring you the greatest gambling experience ever with all the high-end features. We are always open for your feedbacks and suggestions that may help to improve ourselves and our favourite website.
Our Features:
★ 5 Awesome Games
★ 60 Cryptocurrencies Accepted
★ Low House Edge - 1%
★ Provably Fair System
★ Cryptocurrency Exchange
★ Affiliate Program
★ Free Tokens to play with
★ Store with Cool Items and Gifts
★ Contests with a Huge Prizes!
★ Faucet up to 2,000 Satoshis
★ Friendly Support
★ Online Chat
... and much more
Our Games:
Balls -
Description: Exclusive game, with exciting animation. There are 11 numbered balls in a row. The player is available to choose from 1 to 8 pcs. After choosing and betting, the magnet starts moving and pulls the winning ball.
Automated Betting: Available (4 Speeds + Mods)
Provably Fair: Available
House Edge: 1%
Min. Multiplier: 1.21x
Max. Multiplier: 10.89x
Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi
Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC
Dice -
Description: Well known Dice game with the highest multiplier available (99x) and Extremaly Fast automated betting support. The player is available to choose a number from 1 to 98 and a direction of prediction (UndeOver). After choosing and betting, the dice starts moving and choosing the lucky number. You win, if the lucky number hits the predicted range.
Automated Betting: Available (4 Speeds + Mods)
Provably Fair: Available
House Edge: 1%
Min. Multiplier: 1.01x
Max. Multiplier: 99.00x
Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi
Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC
Roulette -
Description: European roulette is the most player-friendly version of the game, with only a single zero on the wheel providing excellent odds for gamblers. The European roulette wheel has 37 divisions, where numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 can be found. Numbers from 1 to 36 are alternately colored in red and black, while the single zero is marked in green. Bet on where you think the ball will land by placing chips on the Roulette table and spin the roulette. Once the ball finds its way into the pocket with that particular number, the respective players get paid.
Automated Betting: Unavailable
Provably Fair: Available
House Edge: 1%
Min. Multiplier: 2.00x
Max. Multiplier: 36.00x
Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi
Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC
Cells -
Description: The first multiplayer game at Luckygames! Multiplayer means that other users may play on the same grid with you. There are 195 cells available. You can win up to 5 times of your bet. Each round generated with a fixed number of randomly placed rewards. New round starts, if at least 78 cells are opened.
Automated Betting: Unavailable
Provably Fair: Available
House Edge: 2% :
Min. Multiplier: 1.10x
Max. Multiplier: 5.00x
Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi
Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC****
Hacker -
Description: Imagine, that you are professional hacker! You need to hack as many websites as you can and escape before getting busted. There are 40 cells available. You can choose from 1 up to 38 websites to be hacked in a row. This game was created for the purpose of warning the real hackers not to abuse bugs or injections and report them to website administrator - you will be rewarded. Special thanks to the websites who joined this slogan and kindly agreed to provide their logos. Game Hacker is currently in BETA. You can use only LUCKY-token to play it.
Automated Betting: Unavailable
Provably Fair: Available
House Edge: 1% (each hacked website)
We have accepted 60 + Cryptocurrencies. The each user can find his favourite coin to play with. If you have any suggestion feel free to contact us.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us via support form
Our support working 24/7.
This post will be update with the next site update. Join today to our family. Best of luck playing!
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Just built a bitcoin faucet

Hello guys. Not sure if bitcoin faucet is still a thing for you, but I just built one and I just wanted to share it. Hope you don't mind.
So this bitcoin faucet was created last week and it gives up to 100 satoshis every 10 mins. Also, 50 % referral commissions.
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Reliable bitcoin faucet - FREE Bitcoin Mine

So, Free Bitcoin mine pays 50 satoshi every 12 minutes, by filling CAPTCHA.
  1. If you don't want to wait 12 minutes, you can claim less than 50 satoshis (Approx. 2.5 minutes for every 10 satoshis)
  2. You can upgrade your "coin power" by using satoshis to get more per claim.
  3. Min. to Withdraw (to FaucetHub) is 0.0005 BTC.
Non-Referral Link
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Links to high paying faucets that pay Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dash/Dogecoin direct to your wallet. I have confirmed payouts as of 12.29.2017. Earn free coin here!

6 HIGH PAYING Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dash/Dogecoin faucets. Very high payouts! Builds up over time when you aren't checking it, and pays INSTANT to your wallet. Payouts CONFIRMED 12.29.2017. Very easy to use, and not time consuming. Check them out here! Message me and we can talk, and I will share with you all the ways I earn free coin.
MoonBitcoin- - Best Bitcoin Faucet! Confirmed payouts 12.29.2017. Pays instant and builds up over time between claims while you're away!
MoonLITEcoin- - Best Litecoin Faucet! Confirmed payouts 12.29.2017! Pays instant! Builds up over time between claims while you're away! Huge payouts!
MoonDASHcoin- - Best Dash Faucet! Confirmed payouts 12.29.2017! Pays instant to your wallet! Builds up over time between claims while you're away! Really high payouts!
MoonDOGEcoin- - Best Dogecoin Faucet! Confirmed payouts 12.29.2017! Pays instant! Builds up over time between claims while you're away! Wow! Much payout! - Extremely High payout bitcoin faucet! Payouts confirmed on 12/29/17! Builds up over time while you're away, claim every 15 minutes! Pays instant to your wallet! Don't play the games though, the games do not pay. Up to 5000 satoshi every 15 min.
BonusBitcoin- - Bonus Bitcoin. Big payouts. Payouts confirmed 12.29.2017. Builds up over time in between claims, even while you're away! Easy to use and pays instant to your wallet.
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Editing Test

This is a test. Please ignore the content.

Enter the contest here

Contest Referral Link Winners for 7/30 are up.

You May not be picked if you do not include the http:// before your ref link.

Hello all,
Thanks to a suggestion, we have decided to make a sticky listing some of the most common beermoney sites in order to clear up some of the repeat clutter we get here. Do not make threads promoting these websites. (Good quality announcements about special events for these sites though are allowed.)
We will discuss each site briefly. After this is where you come in though. We would like your advice about tips and tricks for making the most of and saving time on each site. Please share your insight and experiences in the comments. This will be a continually changing sticky. More advice will be added/removed about each site as necessary.
For those who currently don't have an account with any of these sites below, if this post has been helpful to you, please use the link to the site provided if you want to join.
SwagBucks Contest Winner Referral Link [US, CA, UK, AUS, INDIA, IRELAND] (Use sign-up code BEERMONEY for a 70SB bonus!) Payment proof
Probably one of the most common, well known beer money sites. They offer a lot to do so you shouldn't get too bored. Their mobile apps(Swagbucks tv- 36 SB, Entertainow- 10 SB, 10 SB, 10 SB, 10 SB, and 10 SB) can get you $25+ per month just for running videos.
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Mobile video apps, Surveys, polls, tasks, special offers, coupons, swagbuckstv, games, searchbar, codes download offers, and shopping incentive that give swagbucks.
↪ Payout: (100 swagbucks = $1)A myriad of gift cards including amazon, paypal, walmart, and facebook +Sweepstake entries.
↪ Referral Incentive: Matching Swag Bucks on all their Search wins up to 1,000 Swag Bucks per referral. 300 SB for signing up with a referral(possibly time limited).
‌• Passive Swagbucks up to 300 SB for meeting your goals for 7,14,21 and 30 days.
‌• On iOS and android app, go to the garden tab and to a bunch of videos called "10 second tips." Add these to your favorites and let them play through there while you do something else.
‌• Visit a site frequently? Bookmark the swagbucks search result and click on it every time you plan to go to that site
‌• Targeted surveys sent to your email pay twice as much but take longer to approve.
‌• Make up to 10 swagbucks easily a day in the games in free play mode.
• (applicable to other sites with peanut labs too) Do not open the same Peanut Labs offer(s) on more than one site. You are allowed up to 3 completions and 15 attempts on PL surveys every 24 hours.
InstaGC Contest Winner Referral Link [US, UK, CAN, AUS, AND A FEW OTHERS]
Many claim this to be one of the easiest beer money sites. It definitely has one of the lowest payout minimums. Payment proof
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Click, download, sign up, do tasks, shopping incentive, and watch videos for points.
↪ Payout:(100 points = $1) Gift cards as low as $1 including amazon, also checks.
↪ Referral Incentive: 10 points with complete sign up and 10% of most earnings each.
• Get some easy points by doing the "visit websites" area everyday.
EarnHoney Contest Winner Referral Link || or Earnhoney /Beermoney link [US, CA, UK] (Use sign-up code BEERMONEY200 for 200 HD$ bonus!)
Up and coming popular beermoney site. Run videos on desktop, surveys, shopping and CPA offers, and games. ~$30 a month from just running videos. Many survey vendors (Peanut Labs, Matomy, Federated Sample, Ignite/InsightExpress)
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Desktop and mobile web videos, surveys, polls, special offers, Buzz TV, promotion codes, run your own charity fundraiser, 15% referral bonus for life
↪ Payout: (100 HD$ = $1) Gift cards from Amazon, Paypal, and Top Charities starting as low as $5.
↪ Referral Incentive: 200 HD$ for signing up with registration code BEERMONEY200
TIPS • Free 5 HD$ for logging in daily, Up to 20 HD$ free daily for BuzzTV outbound traffic • Nearly unlimited videos to watch, emails for high completion rate surveys
GiftHulk Contest Winner Referral Link [US, UK, CAN, AUS, FRANCE, GERMANY, IRELAND]
Similar swag bucks, not as well known but still attractive to many, especially since they offer bitcoin rewards. Payment proof
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Offerwalls, checkins, surveys, apps to download, tasks, search bar, gifthulk tv, codes, games and shopping incentive that give gifthulk coins
↪ Payout: (1000 HC = $1) Abundance of giftcards including amazon, paypal, walmart, gamecard, facebook, and bitcoin.
↪ Referral Incentive: Up to 600 hulk coins each
• Play the card-guessing game every day
PERK Contest Winner Referral Link [US, UK, CAN, AUS, AND A FEW OTHERS]
PerkTV is an app that gives you points for letting your phone or ipod touch play videos. All the videos play continuously one after another so it's possible to let PerkTV run for days at a time to earn points. Payment proof
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offer: Let videos continuously play on your phone or ipod touch for points. Every 1000 points is roughly $1. In the US, every 2 videos gets you 4 points. In Canada, every 4 videos gets you 4 points. In other countries, every 20 videos gets you 4 points.
↪ Payout: A $2 amazon gift card is 2500 points and a $5 amazon gift card is 5000 points so every 1000 points is roughly $1.
↪ Referral: 100 point bonus for each user that signs up using your code.
• You can run videos on many devices under the same account, many users call this a Perk farm. The devices usually end up paying for themselves pretty quickly.
PrizeRebel Contest Winner Referral Link [International*]
↪ Earn Points(100 Points=$1) through Surveys, Offers, Tasks Offerwalls and Videos
↪ Site was established in 2007.
↪ International - however most earning opportunities are for US,UK,CA and AU.
↪ Rewards are processed instantly to 24 hrs depending on your account level.
↪ Tons of Rewards from $5 Paypal, Bitcoins, Direct Deposit, Prepaid Visa GC or name brand store gift cards.
Bing Rewards [US ONLY]
Get credits while you search with bing!
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offer: Dashboard tasks, search
↪ Payout: (100 credits = $1) Gift cards including amazon and donation cards
↪ Referral Incentive: 200 credits each once they reach silver.
Get paid for writing music reviews! To give forewarning most songs aren't radio quality but there are some gems in there. Payment proof!
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offer: Listen to at least 1 min 30 sec of a song and write a constructive review. They have drastically reduced how much they pay though.
↪ Payout: Minimum $10 paypal.
↪ Referral: Percentage of earnings from each. Right now it's 15%.
• Keep an eye out for when they have bonus days, otherwise it can be a little slow to make money.
Amazon Mechanical Turk [US]
This site is a bit different from your typical beer money site. This is a bit more professional. You work for "requesters" and they approve or reject your submitted content called "hits." Many people here think this great and it often gets them more money than other sites. They do require more personal info from you than the sites above for tax reasons (even though you likely won't have to worry about it) and not everyone gets approved to work here.
↪ Age minimum: 18
↪ Offers: Different tasks requesters want you to do for money
↪ Payout: Amazon Payments balance or bank account
↪ Referral Incentive: None
• Don’t use mturk without having turkopticon installed. It’s a browser add-on that allows workers to post reviews about requesters and gives you a good idea of whether or not to attempt a HIT based on the requester’s reputation.
• Only do hits that pay at least 10¢/minute. Mturk grind forum and /hitsworthturkingfor are good places to check for worthy hits.
• It is better to return a hit (it will not negatively impact you) than submit if you are unsure whether the requester will approve it.
Sites to Avoid: Definitely DO NOT post these.
Paidverts shady owner, sketchy site. Keep doing debt swaps(cash to BAP). Do not post.
DigitalGeneration put a bitcoin miner and spyware in their software. Never paid out. Avoid at all costs. If you’ve downloaded it before, do a virus scan.
Neobux isn’t REALLY a scam, but they operate as a pyramid scheme. There’s money to be made online, but it’s definitely not there.
Locket used to be good, but not anymore - guess they realized that their platform won't be profitable enough, if at all. They did pay out all the users, but you won't be making money with this app any more.
MarketGlory does pay out, but the pay is absolutely ridiculous. The only way to make a decent amount of money is to have a lot of referrals, and referral whoring on this subreddit WILL result in a permanent ban.7
IPUServices stopped paying out altogether. No response to questions regarding payouts. Avoiding is recommended.
Cash2Refer Does not pay out and awards way too much for merely referring people. $5 per visit? Come on.
MindSumo Not actually a beermoney site, only spam in this sub.
G2A Scam/sells stolen keys
Generic news sites that pay you ridiculous amounts to read an article (two euros??): Common sense should take care of this, but in case it doesn’t, it’s always a scam. Site is usually hosted somewhere in Eastern Europe, and there is never a payout.
Free bitcoin sites/"faucets"(THIS INCLUDES QOINPRO): Not referring to those video-viewing/task sites (although they’re still paying fragments of a penny). I’m talking about sites that give you 0.000001BTC to fill a captcha (, dailybitcoins). Admittedly many beermoney sites pay low, but don’t even bother with these.
Also: Bitcoin mining is NO LONGER PROFITABLE. If you're really so keen on getting bitcoins, doing so through an exchange is your best option.
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