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(Dummies Guide) How to simultaneously run multiple instances of cgminer to control different GPUs whilst using BAMT.

In cgminer you cannot specify multiple values for gpu-threads. gpu-threads is a global per-instance setting, not a per-GPU setting. If you want to run 2 different values of gpu-threads, you need to run 2 instances of cgminer.
This guide will help you if, for example; you have a rig in which one or more of your cards run better with gpu-threads set to 1 and your other cards run better with gpu-threads set to 2 (or 3 or 4)
So I'm going to assume here that you're running a rig with 4 cards and you're already set up and mining.
I'm also going to assume that you know how to use nano. So let's say your cgminer.conf has the line "gpu-threads" : "2", Unfortunately your 4th card isn't giving you the hash-rate you're expecting from it or worse, you're getting hardware errors which lead to rejected shares.
(to see if you're getting hardware errors in BAMT, you need to be able to see what cgminer is actually displaying. To do this simply SSH to your rig, log in and type "screen -r". I won't go too into this to much but where it says HW: you don't want so see anything there, if you're seeing anything other than 0 then you have problems with your config. Now to detach from this screen you need to press "ctrl+A+D" this is very important, do not press q!)
Anyway, you know that the 4th card wants to run with "gpu-threads" : "1", but you can't do "gpu-threads" : "2,2,2,1", this will not work!
So to get 2 cgminers running, follow these steps:
  1. SSH to your rig, be logged in, and a super user. You should be seeing this: [email protected]:/home/user#
  2. Type "nano /etc/bamt/cgminer.conf" Add the line: "device" : "0-2", This is saying that this instance of cgminer will be controlling GPUs 0, 1 & 2. Save and exit (ctrl+x)
  3. Type "nano" This will create a new script that you will run later to boot up your 2nd cgminer. Now type "chmod u+x" and hit enter.
  4. Add your info. below is mine but you want to replace with the settings for your 4th card (gpu 3): (where it says "device 3" this is saying that this instance of cgminer will only run gpu 3 (4th card) and "remove-disabled" makes it so it won't display the other cards)
    export DISPLAY=:0 export GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS=1 export GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=100 export CGMINER_BIN=/opt/miners/cgminecgminer $CGMINER_BIN --scrypt \ -o -u username -p password \ -o backupminingpoolserver:3333 -u username -p password \ -I 20 \ -w 512 \ --gpu-threads 1 \ --thread-concurrency 32765 \ --gpu-engine 990 \ --gpu-memclock 1500 \ --gpu-powertune 11 \ --gpu-vddc 1.025 \ --device 3 \ --remove-disabled \ --temp-cutoff 99 \ --temp-overheat 95 \ --temp-target 85 \ --auto-fan \ --gpu-fan 50-85 
    Note: Make sure there are no random spaces at the end of any of these lines and also make sure that the I for intensity is upper case.
    Now save and exit the script by hitting ctrl+x etc.
  5. type "screen -ls" and hit enter, you should see something similar to this:
    There are screens on: 4366.pts-1.bamt-miner (12/30/2013 08:00:56 PM) (Detached) 1 Sockets in /varun/screen/S-root. 
    So this is saying that there is currently only 1 screen running and BAMT is using it to run cgminer inside.
  6. Type "screen" and hit enter, it will come up with a load of text about screen, just ignore that and hit enter again. Now you are inside your new 2nd screen.
  7. Now type ./ You should now see cgminer boot up and start mining with just gpu 3. To detach from this screen you need to hit ctrl+a+d.
And that's it, there should now be 2 screens running.
To check the other screen type "screen -ls" and hit enter, you should now see both screens running. Something like this:
There are screens on: 6349.cgminer (12/30/2013 08:08:35 PM) (Detached) 4366.pts-1.bamt-miner (12/30/2013 08:00:56 PM) (Detached) 2 Sockets in /varun/screen/S-root. 
To look at one screen type "screen -r 6349", to look at the other type "screen -r 4366" (remember to detach from screens using ctrl+a+d)
You should still be able to see info for the first 3 cards on BAMT's web UI and in fact I can still see the temp and load for my 4th card.
Please feel free to leave feedback, or let me know if I've missed anything.
I hope you found this guide useful and if you did please consider a small BTC donation :)
Bitcoin ID: 18juPJsn2u4TFQgtE7BJVy49r4MoL2zNqh
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