Bloomberg Editor Gives 6 Reasons Why It's Been a Bad Year

Is Bitcoin Selling Out with Joe Weisenthal Bitcoin price 2020 forecast by Blockchain expert Bloomberg Covering Bitcoin with Joe Wiesenthal Bitcoin Investors Expect Supply Shock in 2020, StillMark's Killeen Says Bitcoin price will hit $100,000  Bloomberg

Joe Weisenthal says scarcity is not an influential factor in pricing bitcoin in the future. People only need to bid up the price of existing bitcoin to make it more expensive, he argues. A price forecasting model that predicts bitcoin at a $100,00 valuation by Christmas 2021 is complete nonsense, according to Joe Weisenthal. After all, nothing aides Bitcoin’s adoption than media coverage and price-driven FOMO. In this interview, I talk to Bloomberg Business News Editor, Joe Weisenthal. We discuss contradictory Bitcoin ideals and challenging the status quo, ETF’s, censorship resistance, privacy and the current state of the global economy. This episode is also on 00:04:55: Introductions 00:05:03: Discussing Joe’s recent conflicts with Bitcoiners and why it is important to challenge Bitcoin 00:08:18: Explaining Bitcoin to the masses and why gaining a full understanding of Bitcoin takes years 00:14:12: Joe’s background and on mixing with people from Bitcoin and from traditional markets. 00:17:20: Touching into some of the limitations and — Joe Weisenthal (@TheStalwart) December 23, 2019 Using the overall global market portfolio or real estate, equities, gold etc, the TV host added that Bitcoin represents such a tiny amount of this that and at the moment people are choosing not to invest in it. Max Keiser, investor, trader and a TV anchor on ‘Russia Today’ who is also a vocal Bitcoin advocate has taken to Twitter to shoot another arrow at the famous Bitcoin haters – Peter Schiff and Joe Wiesenthal.. Keiser states that despite the different attitude of these two figures to the Fed, they have one thing in common – being wrong about Bitcoin.

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Is Bitcoin Selling Out with Joe Weisenthal

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